Koa of Austin
June 1988- Sept
Koa's Photo Gallery
Koa of Austin -  We had just moved to Arkansas after our  tour in
Hawaii.    Perry insisted on giving our first  Irish Wolfhound a Hawaiian
name.    Koa... it  just so happens to be the initials of a popular
camping franchise, KOA Kampgrounds Of America.    We spared Koa
the embarrassment  and assured him he was our warrior to the end.  
Koa became part of our family in October of 1988 at the age of 14
weeks.  We quickly learned that finding any reliable information on
wolfhounds was almost impossible to come by.  Most  books where
generic only touching the surface of what we now know.  Most of our
first problems with Koa was the lack of interest in food.  At times it
was so bad I (Teresa) would find my self on my knees forcing food
down his mouth and crying. Eventually we found a veterinarian that  
put our worries aside.  Having had a lot of experience in large breeds,
he told us that this was not uncommon for this breed and was able to
work with us, and got  Koa on a good diet.  Koa never got heavier
than 135lbs. He was always a very picky eater but around 3 years of
age Koa   reached the weight of 135 lbs and kept it on.   In
September of 1998, Koa was humanely put to sleep when he
torsioned and bloated at just over 10 years of age.   
Koa was our teacher in all things that is Irish Wolfhounds....A gentle,
kind and wise Irish-man Koa was our Pot of Gold at the end of the