MT Carmel
Mt Carmel started with the arrival of a new and very special puppy named Jasmine.  She was the start of a lot of new adventures.  As well as establishing herself firmly in our hearts as our current
heart hound.  
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Jasmine was placed with us at the very tender and young age of 6 weeks.  Circumstance around her placement early made it unavoidable.  Jazz was sheltered and pampered from day one.  Only
allowing her to play with our smallest dog (Kaysea) at almost 8 weeks of age.   Then playing with our Boxer (Britney) after she was 10 weeks.  Finally with the strictest supervision was she allowed
to socialize with Clancy (then 4.5 years old) at about 3.5 months of age.  Jazz quickly found her niche in the family helping us to overcome our recent lose of Katie.  When Jazz was 9 months of age
her breeder Patricia Falvey - Looper suggested after seeing her that we consider a showing career for Jazz, suggesting that we also wait until Jazz was around 2 years of age.   Not knowing much
about showing in conformation we started to study everything we could find on the Internet and contacting other people that showed.   Just as every time before Jazz excelled in training and her first
shows were the Arkansas Kennel Club, Little Rock Arkansas - March 1st and 2nd of 2003.  Jazz quickly won favorites with most of the judges that she was shown to and in 9 quick months at the
Saline County Kennel Club, Benton AR. 22nd of November 2003 she earned her title of Champion.   Earning 20 points of which were 4 majors!  We could not have been as successful as we were if
it weren't for the very kind and generous help that we found in our fellow exhibitors.  Most of which were showing wolfhounds too, and jumping in to be our mentors through the process.
The following is a list of people we would like to give credit to for all the help and mentorship along the way.

Patricia Falvey-Looper (Breeder, Friend and advisor - Cove Creek Irish Wolfhounds)
Kathy Graves (Animal Behaviorist and Conformation Instructor)
Jonette Jones (Steppin'wolf Irish Wolfhounds) (Friend and Mentor)
Donna Yeldell (Steppin'wolf Irish Wolfhounds) (Friend , mentor and grooming help)
Louanne Ellis (Trampas Irish Wolfhounds) (Friend and Grooming help)

If you are considering the sport of conformation here are some suggestions:

1.  Check the breed
standard of excellence against your dog.  
2.  Go to a local dog show that will have wolfhounds with a copy of the standard (Without your dog).
3.  Ask owners after the showing of wolfhounds questions about their hound and the standard.  (Some variations in the                   
interpretation of the standard can vary a little from one person to the other.)  This part can really help you in                               
understanding how your own hound will measure up to the standard.
4.  Ask if you could at another time and location have them look at your hound.   (This will help you to decided if you                       
really want to proceed with a show career for your dog.)
5.  Get professional training through an instructor and seek out help with
grooming.   I have found  hands on training  
with              grooming works best.  
6.  Start off with a small show if possible.  Some dogs will have trouble with the noise and smells of a really large show even
if         you have the only entry you need to go.   So when you do go to a large show you will less likely have a dog out of
control.         Go early and just let your dog lay around until ring time.  
7.  The hardest thing to do and the most important is try to stay calm in the ring.  Your dog will sense your nervousness and           
react to it.  
8.   Never think you know it all, always be open to suggestions and learning something new.  Most of the people
showing                 wolfhounds are like their dogs laid back and easy going.  

                      Find information about shows in your area through
AKC Licensed Dog Show Superintendents at: