Zion and Franky
Competing in
Hound Group
Best in Show
Greater Shelby KC
Southaven MS
Zion Zanthia Star Mitchell
Learn more about this pint size Junior
Zion 08-10-2014
AKC Junior Handler
Zion and Franky
with Judge: Col Joe B Purkhiser
(2nd) 1st place win with
competition from
This is video from 8 -10-2013 Zion 2nd place win
Zion and Lucy
with Judge: Ronald Horn
(1st) 1st place win with
competition from
Sorry no video with this win
Zion and Lucy
with Judge: Sidney Marx
Best Junior Handler
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Training with Charm and Franky 02-18-2012.  Charm then 8 years old and Zion 9 years old.  
Zion's first time working with a wolfhound.
Teaching Zion how to run and stack Franky 3-30-2013 Claremore Oklahoma.  Franky 2.5
years old and Zion 10 years old.  At show venue learning to run and stack Franky.  Comical
Zion and Franky
Grove, Oklahoma
with Judge: Anne Savory Bolus
(3rd) 1st place win with
competition from
1 Defeat
Waiting on Show photo
Zion and Franky
At IWCA National Specialty
with Judge: Mr Timothy Childers
(1st) 1st place win with
competition from
Best Junior Handler
2 Defeats (Class)
2 Defeats (Best Junior)
Waiting on Video
Zion and Franky
Texarkana, Arkansas
with Judge: Mrs Patrica Trotter
(2nd) 1st place win with
competition from
Open Junior  
2 Defeats
Zion and Franky
Southaven, Mississippi
with Judge Mrs Jeanne D Zuver
(3rd) 1st place win with
competition from
Open Junior  
4 Defeats
Zion and Franky
Southaven, Mississippi
with Judge Mrs Janet M Schwalbe
(4th) 1st place win with
competition from
Open Junior  
(2nd) Best Junior Handler
4 Defeats (Class)
20 Defeats (Best Juinior)
First video's of Zion learning how to run and stack an Irish Wolfhound
Click on photo to watch video from You Tube
                                                              About Zion

Zion is a pint size Junior showing dogs you would not normally consider for this vertically challenged young lady.

Zion's interest in showing wolfhounds blossomed while on spring break from school in 2013.  Lisa (her Grandmother) suggested we take
her along to just help out at shows.  Well, that soon started the nagging requests from Zion to actually show one of the wolfhounds in the

In July of 2013 we found a fabulous conformation instructor Tracy Mirgon for Zion to train under.  

Zion's first Junior Showmanship competition in Novice Junior Class was August 10, 2013 at Little Rock Kennel Club, Little Rock AR

Zion is also learning and skilled in showing Powder Puffs, Chinese Crested, German Shorthaired Pointers, Wire-haired Pointing Griffon
and Cocker Spaniels.
Zion will often volunteer to show any dog either at ring side or planned so she can get more ring time.  She has also put major points on
Wire-haired Pointing Griffon.  

Zion's favorite dog are of course, Irish Wolfhounds.  Zion shows as her Juniors dog either:  Lucy (Okira vom Luchemer Bruckchen) or
Franky (GCH CH Bainbridge Frank Sinatra)

Zion was awarded her first Best Junior from Novice Class Sept 29, 2013 under Judge Sidney Marx @ Hot Springs National Park Kennel
Club, Hot Springs, AR

Zion was eligible to compete in Open Junior Class April 12, 2014

Zion competed in her first Irish Wolfhound National Specialty (IWCA)  April 28, 2014

Zion was awarded her second Best Junior from Open Junior Class  April 28, 2014 under Judge Timothy Childers @ IWCA Gray Summit,

*RED LETTER DAY 07-13-14  
Zion for sometime has been asking to show Franky in Best of Breed Competition.  We said yes if you win a Best Junior.  Sunday 7-13-14
Zion won Best Junior at Greater Shelby Kennel Club in Southaven Mississippi.  As promised Zion got to show Franky in Best of Breed.  To
our complete amazement Zion and Franky won Best of Breed...well that also meant Zion had to show Franky in Hound Group.  We
thought okay this will be a good experience for Zion and prepared her for loosing.   We were completely floored when Zion and Franky
won a Group 1 from Hound Group.  Now we are past the point of return...Yes Zion showed Franky for Best in Show.  She did a fabulous
job and is the first of us to compete in Best in Show.  Lisa (Zion's Grandmother) and I don't  know if we could handle another roller coaster
ride like this again anytime soon.  However we are very proud of Zion and Franky.  They are an awesome duo.  Thank you Judge: Mr
Roger R Hartinger for giving a little girl with a big dog a day she will never forget..
After winning Best Junior as promised we let Zion show
Franky for the first time in Best of Breed Competition.  
To our amazement she won and then went on to show
in Hound Group and won a Group 1 with Franky.  This
is Video of Best of Breed Competition.
Waiting on Show Photo
Waiting on Show Photo