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Page 3  October 2008 - July 2009
This page will be updated with the most recent events at the top.  Information will include show results, awards and birthdays and other events that we wish
to share with our visitors.
07-28-09 Instructor Kathy Ball

Charm nearly 6 years in age goes back to
school...After 8 weeks of training Charm graduates.  

Charm has not been to obedience class since a young
puppy.  It didn't take long for her to remember her
basic training as you will see in the pictures to the left.  
Very proud and a good activity for not just Charm but
for her owner.  
Lacy 4-15-06
7 weeks old
Lacy 3.5 months old
Lacy 7-16-06
Lacy 5.3 months old
Lacy Oct 2006
Fort Smith Oct 2006
Rocky Mtn Specialty Sweeps 2006
Oct 22-2006
Lacy Dec-2007
Shay and Lacy 03-2008
Lacy 03-2008
Lacy 06-2008
Lacy 06-18-08
Lacy Sept 08 in Meridian MS
Lacy 05-12-09
Lacy 05-17-09
Lacy and Sonoma 05-17-09
Ch. Trampas Chantilly Lace (Lacy)
Feb 1,2006 - July 8,2009

How to begin where life ends.  An idyllic life that found pleasure in the pursuit of a tennis ball or that last kernel of food
from the bowl.  Never mind that we were watching our weight.  Discovering that the world of conformation showing was a
stage for your talent... being a show-off which earned you the nick name of CRAZY LACY!  Energized from just one pat
on the head you were ready to win the judge's favor.  Camera's also captured your love for life now priceless and
forever timeless.   How do you find just the right words for such a beautiful ray of sunshine.  Sunshine even on the most
darkest of days that never failed to warm cheeks and cheer up the inner soul.  Yet here we are...  words that will never
fill the huge void in our hearts and the emptiness that has come to rest on our hearts like a big gray elephant.  Life can
be so cruel.... In the early morning hours of Wednesday July 8th Lacy started to torsion. Time is the enemy we rushed
Lacy to an emergency after hours hospital normally a 25 min drive in 18 mins.  We were so fast at getting her to the
hospital that her stomach was not fully twisted.  Lacy had not yet gone into shock and was completely ambulatory and
actually greeted and wagged her tail for the vet and staff on duty. She had not even cried yet...The vet was optimistic
and Lacy was brought back out to us for a little pep talk and smothered with hugs and kisses.  Unhappy about going
back with the vet reluctantly she did and with several looks back to see if we really were going to let this man lead her
away.  That was our last memories of our beautiful Lacy alive.  Mr Niles the attending vet said that Lacy went into
respiratory stress two times during surgery (which they would address before continuing)  they were able to correct the
stomach and staple as well as remove the spleen.  After completing the surgery Lacy went into respiratory failure which
resulted in a cardiac arrest that they were unable to revive her from.  In closing the next time the sun warms your face,
the next time you play fetch, the next time you enjoy a game of tug a war with your love.  Remember to give them a hug
and tell them how much you love them.  Life can be so cruel when you least expect it.  With many tears and broken
hearts we hope Lacy continues to be a ray of sunshine at our Lords side so long as she's not kept busy playing and
having fun with all of her new found friends at Rainbow Bridge.  
Sonoma and Trudy - open class 06-13-09
Kennel Club Of Texarkana, Inc

Saturday: June 13 2009, Judge: Col Joe B Purkhiser - 1st/W/BOS  (4 Point Major)  Breed Ring Results
Sunday: June 14 2009, Judge Jon Cole - 1st in class (0 Points) No other placements  Breed Ring Results
Sonoma was shown in Open Class by Trudy 2.4yrs old
First show weekend for Trudy and Sonoma turned out to be an incredible weekend with Sonoma earning her
first major points.  Sonoma now has
7 points!  More pictures of Trudy with Sonoma click here
Kodiak and Jasmine Litter now 5 years old
To all of the Kodiak and Jasmine puppies we want to wish a happy 5th birthday.  Shay or AKA Munster was our pick from the
litter.  He was our first home bred to earn his champion title and loves being the only male in our pack...very handsome guy too.  
Patience AKA Little Jazz was our first home bred to earn a lure coursing title, lives happily with her young entrepreneurial family
and enjoys a very pampered life.  Caesar almost the spiting image of Shay survived Hurricane Katrina seeking refuge with his
family in the attic of their home and enjoys being the first wolfhound in his active family.  Butler also placed with a first time
wolfhound family that celebrates their Irish heritage, love for music, dance and camping.  Lovingly includes Butler in all of their
family events.  We want to thank all of our Kodiak and Jasmine puppy owners for making each of these puppies part of their
families - very special families that met or exceeded our expectations.   
Update to Lacy's Health Screening
Lacy's OFA evaluation.  Elbows - Normal.  Hips- Mild Dysplasia in left hip.  Sadly all plans to breed Lacy are
now canceled.  Results can also be seen at OFA site at the following address.
Charm has started an 8 week course in Basic Obedience first class is 5-23-09.  
One weekend as Sonoma was going out the door to another show Charm was wanting to come along.  
Charm loves traveling and was a delight to show.  But we try to show one dog at a time.  So, as an
alternative it was decided that Charm will have night out every week with mom.  Obedience is not new to
Charm, as a puppy she attended class. Who knows maybe Charm will add to her titles if she does well.  
Denton Kennel Club Inc, Denton, TX.

Saturday  May 9, 2009 - Judge: Ms Jane Roppolo (Change in judges from Mrs Gloria R Reese) 1st with no other placements - Breed Ring Results
Sunday May 10,2009 -  Mr C P (Skip) Herendeen 1st/ Reserve with no other placements - Breed Ring Results

Sonoma was shown in open class both days.  Now 2 yrs 3mo old.
Sonoma and Teresa drove to Denton TX  the morning of first day's show.  This was a mistake as Sonoma was out of sorts and not wanting to
show in the ring.  Sunday, Sonoma was more her self but seemed to want to impress the judge with her impression of a Draft horse.  Sonoma had
little motivation the second go around for winners.  Hopefully she will do better at Shawnee, OK
Courtney and Sonoma
North Arkansas Kennel Club, Harrison, AR.

Saturday: April 18, 2009 - Judge Mrs. Patricia V Trotter  1st/BOB (0 pnts), shown in
Group with no further placements -
Breed Ring Results
Sunday: April 19, 2009 - Judge Dr John A Reeve - Newson; 1st/W/BOB (1 pnt) Shown in
Group with on further placements -
Breed Ring Results
Sonoma was shown in open class both days.  Now 2yrs 2mo old
Sonoma now has 3 points.  Instead of getting the traditional show photo with the judge for
Sonoma's win.  Teresa took photos of Courtney Morris showing Sonoma during Sunday's Group
competition. Courtney also exhibits American Staffordshire Terriers and has a wolfhound mix that
she absolutely adores. Courtney did a great job
Click here to see photos in a slide show formate with music.
Harrison, Arkansas

Both Lacy and Sonoma had their eyes cleared. Yeah!  This will be good for one year.  
A lot of the exhibitors came to the show just to do the eye exams.  One had
4 Labradors another had 3  Mastiffs and kindly helped with both Lacy and Sonoma's exams.
Getting them to go into a trailer was a bit difficult for both and she also helped in the exam room
keeping heads still while I kept them calm.
Update to Lacy's Health Screening Tests

04-15-09 - Click Here to review the latest news
and results of prior tests.
Harrison, Arkansas
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Lacy's last eye exam has expired and Sonoma is due for her first.  We will have both Lacy and
Sonoma at the Harrison shows to do their eye exams.  Will post results soon after.
North Arkansas Kennel Club, Harrison, AR.

Saturday: April 18, 2009 - Judge Mrs. Patricia V Trotter; Ring 1 @10:00am
Sunday: April 19, 2009 - Judge Dr John A Reeve - Newson; Ring 2 @ 9:00am
Sonoma will be shown in open class both days.
Number of Entries Both days 1-3-0-0 = 4
1 - Male
3 - Female
0 - Specials (already finished Champions)
Claremore Kennel Club of Oklahoma INC March 28 & 29, 2009
Claremore, OK

Trampas Gatewy Sonoma entered in Open Class now 2 yrs 2 mo old

Saturday:  Judge  Mrs. Keke Kahan  1st / Reserve  No Points - Breed Ring Results
Sunday:  Judge DR Alvin W. Krause  2nd   No Points - Breed Ring Results

This year the show site was changed from previous years location at Claremore’s Expo Center to Cherokee Casino/Will Rogers Downs.  Show site
went from a location that had multiple entrances to ONE!  Yes, everyone people, dogs, carts, kennels all had to leave and enter through one
pedestrian door.   We went from paved parking to a gravel dirt and badly pitted parking lot.  After the rain and snow we had Friday and Saturday many
exhibitors were carrying their dogs to keep from being covered in mud.  I even saw Afghans being carried!  Having an Irish wolfhound does have it's
disadvantages.  During our walk through the parking lot on Sunday a passing car and driver unaware of their speed splattered Sonoma and I with
mud.  I had to laugh as this was a true test of this breeds wash and go maintenance.  Unfortunately there was no hope for my trousers.  Thankfully I
did have foresight to bring shoes I could wear to tread through mud and another to wear in the ring.  Another difference a huge difference was the
lack of space.  It was crowded, hot and many exhibitors were rude as a result.   It also had it's safety issues.  The dirt parking lot is a raised area and
the incline between the parking lot to the show building was steep and very slippery.  I never saw anyone take a slide down on their butt or worse but
not hard to imagine.  Most had sense to walk up the muddy car entrance due to it's lesser angle of steepness.  Sonoma did very well and manage to
entertain some of our fellow exhibitors.  Saturday while waiting at ring side for our turn in she rolled around on the floor and kept pawing me with her
feet .  She has a very long reach especially when on a short show lead.  Sorry no pictures of her doing this. Weather on Sunday was a very nice
sunny spring day.  On our drive home I did get a few pictures of Sonoma.    She continues to be a bright and happy girl which is very refreshing. In
closing of this longer than usual show information.   If next years show site for this kennel club is again at this Cherokee Casino/ Will Rogers Downs
I will not enter any of  my wolfhounds at this show and I would not have anything good to say about the location.
Next show will be at Harrison, AR  April 18 & 19th.
Lacy Health Screening Update 03-22-09

Saturday morning as we were preparing 3 of our wolfhounds to
participate in the annual St Patrick's Day Parade our vet called to
give us the results of Lacy's Holter test.  The news was good.  
Bottom line Lacy is still suitable for breeding.  Lacy is still on her
medication for Lyme for another 3 weeks.  If all continues to go
well.  We will schedule Lacy to have her hip and elbows evaluated
by OFA in April.  If we have no other issues.  We will plan to breed
Lacy in Aug/Sept.  
Click here to view the actual Holter Test report.
St Patrick's Day Parade
Little Rock to N. Little Rock, Arkansas
March 14th,2009

We had a total of 9 Irish Wolfhounds small compared to prior years.  
The parade started under cold gray skies and rain.  However this did
not damp'in the excitement of seeing old friends and sharing our
wolfhounds with those who came to see them.  As we neared the
review stand and the largest of the crowds gathered for the parade.  
We formed a line across the blvd and kept a formation while crowd's
cheered and clapped.   For the first time since Lisa and I walked in
this parade with just two wolfhounds in 2003. Our group won the
prestigious award of being "The Most Entertaining Group"  and $50.  
Which with great pride we have decided to donate to the Irish
Wolfhound Club of America - Rescue.    
click here to see pictures from the parade in a slide show
with music
Special Moment like no other.

This year we welcomed a new member to our group for this years
parade.  Noralee Perkins.  Noralee  recently lost her husband to
cancer.  One of his dreams was to get an Irish Wolfhound and also
be able to show.  David and Noralee in Feb of 2008 welcomed
DeeDee to their home at the tender age of 8 months.  In June of
2008 David full filled his dream and show'd DeeDee at the Arkansas
Kennel Club shows.  Sadly he was never healthy enough to return to
the ring.  DeeDee continued to show and was awarded her  
Championship Title with Noralee as her handler at the South  
Arkansas Shows in February 2009.  Shortly after the parade we took
a moment to be with Noralee with all our wolfhounds and in a moment
of silences.  We watched Noralee tie a copy of DeeDee's Champion
Certificate to a green balloon and send it aloft to her husband
David.   Please
click here to see pictures from the parade in a slide
show with music
Feb 2, 2009 Shay
playing with KC.  Shay
4.5 years KC almost 14
Getting caught up with past events for 2009

Sonoma - Sat & Sun at Nolan River Kennel Club Inc Jan 4 & 5 2009
Teresa was too sick to make the Sat show but made the trip down to Glen Rose, TX for Sunday's show.  Sonoma was shown to
judge: Mr Pete Dawkins in Open Class.  Sonoma was placed 4th out of 5
Van  Jan 26th went to the shop for transmission work
Perry had knee surgery on Jan 28,2009.  Perry is doing so well that he is already driving and able to walk without the assistance
of a walker or cane.
Buddy Our beloved rescue Sheppard of 11 years passed in his sleep Jan 30th
Shay had to go to the vet Feb 2nd for what looked like a cyst on his hock and put on antibiotics injury healed nicely.
Teresa still not feeling well went back to the doctor the Feb 18th.  Doctor's diagnosis' Bronchitis
Charm Feb 18th broke out one of the windows in the Bay window.  Stray Cat.  See pictures to the left click on pictures to enlarge.
Lacy Feb 24 -25 follow-up blood work and halter test see details at Lacy's health screening news.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Well the holidays are nearly upon us and the close of one year with the hopes of a new exciting year ahead.  The new
year will be historical as we watch President Elect Obama as the first American of African descent get sworn into the
highest office in the nation.  Watch with ears perked as the Obama's announce what type of dog they will choose and
wonder how we will survive the worst recession ever.  As we leave this year into 2009. We continue to pray for Errol's safe
return home.  Now into his 5th month alone and lost in Meridian MS we hope to hear news of his capture and safe return
home.  We also suffered a great loss with the sudden death of our beloved Jazz this year and will carry her memories into
the new year and beyond never to be forgotten.  We miss her so much.  All of those who have touched our lives, family
and friends we hope that you have a beautiful Christmas and a prosperous New year.  As promised Sonoma pictured to
the left in her very special Christmas photo.  
" The dog totally captivated me" Martha Broome
Email recieved through this website 12-15-08
I met the most incredible dog this past Saturday at the show in Jackson, MS. I was so taken with the dog, that I did not pay attention to the person at the
other end of the leash.  I am 67, rather chunky, have short gray hair and am in an electric wheelchair as I was rolling through the show building this dog
came to me and wanted to sit in my lap. When that didn't work out, he sat beside my wheelchair as if he were there to be my guardian and service dog.
We exchanged quite a bit of love before I noticed that the papillons were in the ring and had to run off.  The dog so totally captivated me that I have not
been able to get my mind off of him. If this dog is yours, I would love to hear from you. If not and you know  who it might have been, I'd like information on
that, too. Sincerely, Martha Broome

Permission given by Martha Broome to post her comments in search of a dog that totally captivated her.  Yes, it was Sonoma and just as Ms. Broome had
described Sonoma was quit taken to her and before that time had never been around a wheelchair.
Brandon Kennel Club of Mississippi, INC  December 13 &14 2008
Jackson, MS
Trampas Gatewy Sonoma entered in the Open class - now 22 months
Saturday - Judge: Mrs Paula Hartinger - 2nd  No points
Sunday - Judge: Mr Roger R Hartinger -  2nd No points

Sonoma did well, but so long as she competes with more mature entries she won't stand out as the judges choice.  In the mean time we
had fun meeting other exhibitors and people just interested in talking about dogs.  We had a great time at this show helping a fellow Irish
wolfhound owner and vender tending her shop and break down her booth on Sunday. Needless to say we were all very tired.
Ch. Steppin'wolf's Unbreakable Charm JC
Happy Birthday!
Tuesday December 9th, 2008 Charm celebrated her 5th birthday celebrating with sweet carrot cake followed by non-alcoholic eggnog.
Joining her in the festivities was Shay, Lacy and Sonoma who also enjoyed a little cake and eggnog.   Happy birthday to the remainder
of the Harry Potter litter.  Prayers continue here for Errol's safe return home a brother to Charm.  Picture to the left taken after eating
her cake with the look that says "more please"!  Picture taken by Teresa and enhanced to make a beautiful glamour shot.  
Northwest Arkansas Kennel Club, INC  December 6 & 7 2008
Fayetteville, AR
4 point major in boys both days and 3 point major in girls both days.

Trampas Gatewy Sonoma entered in the Open class - now 22 months
Saturday - Judge: Mr Garry K Newton - 4th out of 5 in open class No points
Sunday - Judge: Ms Shelley S Hennessy - 2nd out of 5 in open class No points

Each time Sonoma shows she does better.  With Majors of 4 & 3 points available both days the stakes were high and the
atmosphere was tense.  Sonoma is really not ready to compete for a major and did very well to place both days. No drolling either
day.  Had 3 people at different times afterwards comment on Sonoma's beautiful movement and excellent showing on Sunday.   
That made it an even better weekend.
Ozarks Kennel Club, INC  November 8 & 9 2008
Springfield, MO
Trampas Gatewy Sonoma entered in the Open class - now 21 months
Saturday - Judge: Mr James R White - 2nd/Reserve  No points
Sunday - Judge: Mrs Gloria L Geringer - 1st/W/BOS   1 point
Sonoma did much better this weekend, very little drolling on Saturday with no drolling on Sunday.  She moved beautifully both
days with Sunday paying off with the win of her 2nd point. Still very immature and not really to ring savvy yet.  But we'll get
there. Photo by Downey
Saline County KC of Arkansas October 25 & 26 2008
Benton, Arkansas
Trampas Gatewy Sonoma entered in the American Breed class - now 21 months
Saturday - Judge: Mrs Patricia V Trotter - 1st/Reserve  No points
Sunday - Judge: Mr Charles E Trotter - 1st   No point
Sonoma was not herself the entire weekend she drooled and would not pick up her head.  
She looked more like a draft horse than the beautiful moving wolfhound I know she is.

We did however make a trip to Petco...a newly opened store in Benton and luck would have it we were able to get some nice pictures
of Sonoma for Christmas.  Unlike a lot of the other dogs we got pictures of Sonoma with out a leash and collar and when we were
done looked up to see a lot of people watching Sonoma get her pictures taken.  The one displayed to the left is one our favorites.  
The one for Christmas will be displayed in a later posting.