Charm after playing with Wendy.
August 14, 2012
8.8 years old
Random pictures of Charm
through the years

Ch. Steppin'wolf's Unbreakable Charm JC
Call Name: Charm - Litter Theme: Harry Potter Characters
DOB 12-09-2003 - DOD 01-31-2015
Breeders: Jonette Jones and Donna Yeldell
Ch Kellcastle Chocolate Ribbion X Ch Kellcastle Pink
Champagne JC
Charm's Pedigree             Charm's Show Record

Charm was one of 12 puppys her litter name was Butterfly for
the unique pattern of white on her chest we call the sheild.  
Being one of many siblings she learned to be feisty.  On Feb 14,
2004 after a long and difficult drive home negotiating an unusual
winter storm
. This feisty and energetic puppy came to call our
home hers at the age of 12 weeks.    Charm was the first really
destructive puppy in over 14 years of raising wolfhounds.   As a
yearling our area rugs and couch were her primary target.  At 6
months of age Charm was the first of several show prospects in
her litter to earn a point at the Little Rock, AR. shows June of
2004.  Charm along with her mother Bebe, and literates Mrs
Norris and Errol earned their Junior Coursing titles at Glen Rose,
TX Jan 2005.   In May of 2005 Charm coursed at the IWCA
National specialty in MO and placed 3rd out of 20 entry's.  Charm
picked up her first major of 4 points at Fort Smith AR. October
2005 and another 4 point major at Fayettville, AR. Dec 2005.  
Charm earned her Championship Dec 2005 in Jackson MS
earning a third major of 3 points.  Charms best attribute is her
breathtaking movement..and beautiful rear.  She is unmatched
by anything before or now in her grace and precise placement of
each foot.  She is still mischievous and takes advantage of any
opportunity. Charm also loves to play, run and a very good eater
(an easy keeper).  She is definitely our Peter Pan of the pack
never wanting to get older and become an adult.  For a
wolfhound she also has exceptional sense of smell.  She tends
to be an independent personality similar to that of a cat.  Never
really seeking out your attention and likes the attention when
you go to her.  Typical of a wolfhound she wants to be in the
presence of her family, alerts you of things that go bump in the
dark that shouldn't.  Charm is also not shy and greets everyone
with inquest pokes of her nose and whipping action of her tail.
She successfully completed basic obedience training and
Charm was the teachers pet in 2008
Charm was never bred our decision due to very close family
health issues.  In 2010 she had open pyometra that did require
surgery to save her life.  We hope she will get to at least help
with babysitting the next generation of Mt Carmel Wolfhounds.  
Unfortunately Charm did not get to meet the next generation but
as a living tribute to her memory we introduced the Charmed
litter in March of 2015.  Charm was diagnoised with late onset of
Bone Cancer and (DM) Degenerative Myelopathy.  Sadly her
mobility was severly compromoised after a hard fall and the DM
prevented her from achieving sufficient mobility.  Her cancer
was managed successfully and not the cause of death.  We will
miss her unbreakable spirit and love for life.  Charm was 11
years and just 9 days shy of 2 months old.
Charm - June 6, 2012