Cove Creek's Clancy Allen
February 29,1996 - July 24,2006
Clancy at 9.2 years in age.
Cove Creek's Clancy Allen -  Clancy joined us in April 1996 at 11 weeks of age.
After having been informally interviewed by his breeder.  Which required a
visited with his breeder 2 times; driving 130 + miles one way before we were
approved and before Clancy was even born.  This was a  great opportunity to get to
know Clancy's breeder and learn more about her and her hounds (Patricia
Falvey-Looper).  Today if you are thinking about getting a puppy be prepared.  
Most reputable breeders will insist on doing an interview and contracts with
prospective buyers.  They're first concern is for the well fare of that puppy and
where it will be living the rest of it's life.  For the first time when we had questions
or just wanted to share something special with his breeder we felt comfortable
about picking up the phone to call Pat.  Clancy  has a typical Irish wolfhound
temperament.  Clancy however was our first chow hound.  Devouring anything
you put in his bowl.  Soon we had an overweight hound with the help of his
breeder and an appropriate diet we have been successful at maintaining his correct
weight.  Almost 5 months after celebrating Clancy's 10th Birthday, with great
sorrow and much heartbreak we had to let our beloved Clancy go July 24,2006.  He
was the changing force behind our lives and wolfhounds.  His presence was
undoubtedly larger than life.  Run like the wind our Sweet Clancy until we meet
again we will send our love on the wings of butterflies.