Katherine Pele of Austin
March 1989 - March 2000
Katherine Pele of Austin - Our second wolfhound, Katie joined our
family when she was 6 months of age in September 1989.   She was
a very timid puppy and frightened of everything.  The first few
months were very difficult for everyone.  She had only known her
previous family and at 6 months she was going through a very shy
period in her life.  Katie had also not been socialized.  Meeting a
stranger and a ride in the car was terrifying to her.   Training started
right away.  Good behaviour was reinforced with positive rewards
and with gentle but firm training Katie blossomed.   Katie was
never again afraid of strangers by the time she was 1 year old.  She
had such a positive out-going personality.  That it was hard to
convince anyone that met Katie, to believe she was a very shy
puppy.   Katie was very special to us beyond words.  In March of
2000, Katie was humanely relieved of her pain, when her battle to
defeat cancer was no longer possible.  She was just over 11 years of
age when we had to say good-bye.  That day was one of the most
tear full days of our lives.  It had been raining all day and stop
raining when Katie join our beloved Koa at Rainbow bridge.  As if
God was crying with us and warmed us with Sun light upon her
arrival at his side.  Katie was our first heart hound.