MT Carmel - Litters
CH Stoneybrook Kodiak
CH Mt Carmel's Jasmine

4 Dogs & 2 Bitches

Mt Carmel's Blue Butler
Call name: Butler
Owners: Eg and Wade

Mt Carmel's Mystic Warrior
Call name: Paladin
Owners: Sarah and Bill

Mt Carmel's All My Patience JC
Call name: Patience
Owners: Jesse and Amber

CH. Mt Carmel's Shay O'Brien
Call name: Shay
Owners: Breeder

Mt Carmel's Miracle
Call name: Boo
Owners: Faith and David

Mt Carmel's Caesar O'Niell's SG1
Call name: Caesar
Owners: Toni and Cliff
Charm Litter - 2015
GCH Bainbridge Frank Sinatra (Franky)
CH Okira vom Luchemer Bruckchen (Lucy)

6 Males & 8 Females

AKC GCH/UKC CH. Mt Carmel Odin's Charmed Son
Wheaten Brindle (M) - Vidarr
Owners: Sherri and Micheal - Ohio

CH. Mt Carmel's Beauty Grace and Charm
Wheaten (F) - Sandy
Breeder - Arkansas

Mt Carmel's Tormaigh Charms the Ladies
Red Sable (M) - Tormaigh
Jeffrey & Donna - Arkansas

Mt Carmel's Alluring Charm at Bainbridge
Red Wheaten (F) - Aspen
Scott & Nadine - Ohio

AKC/INT.CH. Mt Carmel's K-Zar Prince of Charm CGC
Red Brindle (M) - K-Zar
Della & Chuck - Texas

CH.  Mt Carmel's Charmed Aingeal CGC
Red Wheaten (F) - Aingeal
Patricia - Ohio

Mt Carmel's Charming Jazz
Red Brindle  (F) - Jazz
Sean & Lauren - Tennessee

UKC CH Mt Carmel's Southern Charm
Red Brindle (F) - Millie
Bethany - New York

Mt Carmel's Tiberius Ancient Charm
Red Wheaten (M) - Tiberius
Toni & Cliff - Mississippi

Mt Carmel's Slice of Charm PI
Red Sable (F) - PI
Breeder - Arkansas

GCH. Mt Carmel's Magical Charm
Red Wheaten (F) - Bear
Breeder - Arkansas

Mt Carmel's Unbreakable Charm
Red Sable (F) - Annie
Kevin & Leah Ann - Arkansas

Mt Carmel's Longshanks Rustic Charm
Red Brindle (M) - Longshanks
Toni and Cliff - Mississippi

Mt Carmel's Charming Prince Oberon
Cream Sable (M) - O.B.
Mark & Chrystal - Texas
Knock on Wood Litter - 2015
GCH Bainbridge Frank Sinatra (Franky)
CH Taryn All That Jazz  (Jazz)

4 Males & 5 Females

GCH. Mt Carmel's Knock on Wood - Hawthorn
Red Brindle (M) - Thor
Breeder - Arkansas

Mt Carmel's Rowan at Mohr
Red Brindle (F) - Rowan
Debby & Shane - Ohio

Mt Carmel's Mighty Oak at Curuamor
Red Brindle (M) - OB-Dee
Deb & John - Florida

CH Mt Carmel's Tall Drink of Sassafras
Red Brindle (F) - Sassy
Breeder - Arkansas

Mt Carmel's Goodfella Roo of the Silk Tree
Red Brindle (M) - Roo
Breeder - Arkansas

Mt Carmel's Autumn Ash
Red Brindle (F) - Ash
Greg & Julie - Arkansas

Mt Carmel's Redwood Brings the Luck
Red Brindle (F) - Kricket
Mark - Arkansas
Full Time Service Dog Military Vet

CH. Mt Carmel's Twisted Sequoia- Malachi
Red Brindle (M) - Malachi
Brian & Joann - Arkansas

Mt Carmel's White paws by the Blue Spruce
Red Bringle (F) - Emma
Peggy - Colorado
Lightning Strikes Twice Litter - 2015
GCH Bainbridge Frank Sinatra (Franky)
CH Okira vom Luchemer Bruckchen

7 Males & 3 Females

Mt Carmel's Thorfinn Calls the Lightning
Red Brindle (M) - Thorfinn
Jeffrey & Donna - Arkansas

Mt Carmel's Cu Racing the Lightning
Wheaten Brindle (M) - Sproket
James & Judy - Colorado

Mt Carmel's Blaze of White Lightning
Red Wheaten (M) - Murphy
Jennifer & Tim - Illinois

Mt Carmel's Ride the Lightning
Red Brindle (M) - Tucker
James - Texas

Mt Carmel's Lightnings Heartthrob
Red Wheaten (M) - Rugger
Alexandra - Oklahoma

Mt Carmel's Dearthair Brother of Lightning
Cream Brindle (M) - Dearthair
Gigi - Texas

Mt Carmel's Rainwater Lightning
Red Brindle (F) - Grainne
Kieri-Anne & Jason - Missouri

Mt Carmel's Ember of Lighting Fire
Red Wheaten (F) - Ember
Greg & Julie - Arkansas

CH Mt Carmel's Lightning Bug
Cream Brindle (F) - Ariel
Lucas & Elizabeth - Arkansas

Mt Carmel's Seamus O'Moore Guardian of Lightning
Red Brindle (M) - Seamus
Christopher & Eileen - Texas
We have a waiting list for future litters.  If you are interested in being approved for our waiting list please
fill-out our
Questionnaire and Reference Form .  No Deposit required.   Please do not get discouraged if
you don't hear from us right away.  We receive many applications as we get closer to our tentatively
scheduled breeding.  Thank you for your patience.  
Guidelines for selection and purchase of an Irish Wolfhound puppy
Here you can access
pedigree, health screenings and show
records of present and past Irish
Wolfhounds representing
Mt Carmel
Breeding policy for Mt Carmel:
Mt Carmel's breeding program goals are focused on improving or maintaining the beautiful well rounded Irish
Wolfhounds that Mt Carmel is known for.  When there are plans for a litter it will included keeping one or two puppies
as our pick of the litter.   Litter size can be as small as one puppy and up to 12+.  We select homes from those that are on
our waiting list for remaining puppies.  
Mt Carmel is not breeding for a pet market, so we don't plan our litters around the demands of the pet market.  Puppies
will be placed with a required spay and neuter contract.  Puppies will be Liver shunt tested and leave for new homes no
earlier than 10 weeks of age, 12 weeks in age would be ideal.   We will try to provided as much notification as possible
of  a planed litter.   If you are  interested and willing to wait please  
Contact us  for more information.

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA)

Females at Mt Carmel will have all OFA certifications if ideal no more than two litters.
Males at Mt Carmel will have all OFA certifications at stud in very selective and limited use.

About Mt Carmel
Avid Irish Wolfhound enthusiasts since 1988, breeding since 2004.  Breeding  for quality in structure, temperament and
health.  Comprehensive health screenings including OFA screening for dysplasia.  Screen all puppies for Liver Shunt.  
Breeding for quality not quantity.  Website has been in operation since 2006 full of information and beautiful photos.  
We are available for anyone needing assistance in raising their Irish wolfhound, even if the puppy is not from our
breeding program  We are committed to producing healthy and well adjusted puppies and loving family members.
Wonderfully written and informative artical By Tamara Dunn of Ierne Irish Wolfhounds
Liver shunt, age of placement and critical fear ages.