Lure Coursing
Lure coursing is a wonderful sport that tests your hounds agility
and stamina.   This is an exciting sport for your hound.    

1.      AGE - For a wolfhound maturity comes slower...AKC, ASFA, LGRA and NOTRA all require a hound to be 12 months
and older.    Talk to your hounds breeder about a good age to course.  It won't hurt to give them more time to mature.

Conditioning - Courses can be up to 805 Yards.  Hound must be in excellent condition to complete the course        
without injuries.  With wolfhound puppies a lot of their first years are dedicated to growing.  Allow them time to mature

Will Your Hound Course?  Unfortunately not all wolfhounds are excited about chasing bags tied to a string.  It
isn't  t hat they are  stupid or not interested in a good chase it is usually the opposite.  Only real way to know is to find a
coursing club near you that offers test runs.  

Dangers of Coursing - Not in top physical condition,  Cuts from biting at a pulley or string while in motion.                
Stepping on the string or pulley, colliding with another hound, misstepping and falling resulting in pulled tendons or
broken bones.  You must consider the risks of sometimes permanent injuries if you allow your hound to compete.  
Links about lure coursing and  clubs that offer lure coursing.

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American Sighthound Field Association:ASFA                                                      National Oval Race Association - NOTRA
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