Wendy elegant pose at 4.4 years old
October 9, 2014
Wendy August 14, 2012
2 years old
Ch. Steppin'Wolf's Gossamer Wing
Call Name: Wendy  Litter Theme: Butterfly Names
DOB: June 12, 2010   -   DOD:  March 6, 2017
Breeders Jonette Jones and Donna Yeldell
GCh. Steppin'Wolf's Quantum Leap X Ch. Steppin'Wolf's Rosaleen Dhu RN
Wendy's Pedigree         Wendy's Show Record

Wendy is one of 9 puppies her litter name was Bounce for her very active and bouncy
personality.   When her breeders announced the planned breeding of Brogan
(Steppin'Wolf''s Quantum Leap) to Rosie (Steppin'Wolf''s Rosaleen Dhu) we were excited
about the potential quality of this litter and getting the opportunity to preserve and continue
to improve on this quality through our own breeding program.  We are so grateful to
Jonette and Donna for allowing Wendy to join our little pack. Wendy continues to bring us
joy everyday...every night she likes to cuddle with one of us and enlist a belly rub.  She
enjoys all her trips out to meet new friends and give unsuspecting children kisses.  Loves
her toys but wont share them. Meaning if you really want  the toy you must run and chase
her down which includes a fierce game of tug a war.  Then maybe you can have the toy.  
Wendy earned her Champion conformation title, winning one major going Best of Breed
over males which is not an easy feat in Southaven, MS. July 2011. In October 2012 Wendy
earned her Second major at Hot Springs. Then picked up her last point in Alexandria, LA in
Jan 2013.  Wendy also has the potential of being a very strong coursing hound.  She is the
happiest when she is running and we can't wait to see her on the coursing field and see her
smiling all the way to the finish.   Wendy is happier not being in the show ring.   We are
hoping and planning for Wendy's next exciting adventure as a mommy.  In January 2014
Wendy whelped her first and only litter of 3 puppies 2 male one female.  Tragically all were
still born.   Necropsy done on puppies revealed nothing.  All were fully developed, no virus,
no bacteria absolutely no reason for their demise.   Wendy suffered from the loss for two
weeks she cried for her puppies and if there is such a mental condition as depression for
dogs. Wendy was fully immersed in it for at least 6 months.   Because of this we decided
not to continue with any plans to produce a litter from Wendy.  We did not want to
potentially put her through another loss, because we did not know the cause of the first
litters death.   Today she enjoys her life as a member of our family we hope for many more
years.  She has helped to raise puppies from The Charmed and Knock on Wood litters of
2015 and loves our cats immensely.  Like Charm we hope she lives a long healthy life with
us as a beautiful and loved companion.
Nothing prepares you for the final goodbye and the last time you can say "I LOVE YOU"  
That day came too soon for our Wendy.  Our oh so delicate butterfly now has her wings.  
We had to release her soul from the grips of heart disease.  This shattered our hearts, but
now she is pain free and reunited with her 3 angles in heaven.