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Before Mt Carmel
Mt Carmel Hounds
Lure Coursing
Jefferson City & Sedalia Kennel Clubs - July 7 & 8, 2007
Puppy - 12-18 month class

Saturday under Judge Mrs Ashe Lacy was awarded1st in class and Reserve .
Sunday under Judge Mrs Kay Lacy was awarded 1st/Winner/Best of Breed
for one point.  Lacy was also shown in Group with no other placements.  
Lacy now needs two points to earn her championship title.  
Arkansas Kennel Club - June 23 & 24, 2007
Puppy - 12-18 month class

Saturday under judge Mr Elliott Weiss Lacy was awarded
1st in class and Reserve to a 5 point major.  Very tough competition.
Sunday under judge Mr. Lowell K Davis Lacy was awarded 3rd
out of 3 in her class.  Lacy is still only needing 3 points to finish. Next show
will be at Sedalia, MO.  July 7 & 8,2007
Shay with Terry Sayre 06-16-07
Kennel Club of Texarkana - June 16 & 17, 2007
Best of Breed Competition
Both days Shay was beautifully handled by professional handler Terry Sayre and
successfully wins Best of Breed.  Shay was also shown in group both days with no other
placements.  It was a humorous weekend for Terry when spectators after Hound group would
make there way to Terry to ask about Shay and comment on how much they look a like.
Kennel Club of Texarkana - June 16 & 17, 2007
Puppy - 12-18 month class
Lacy placed 2nd both days and won reserve on Sunday.
Still needing three points to finish our next show will be about 45 mins from home.  The
Arkansas Kennel Club shows June 23 & 24, 2006.  It's going to be a great show with almost
20 Irish Wolfhounds  Little Rock, Arkansas Fair grounds
Sonoma running
New Photos of Sonoma  6-12-07

Click on the photo to the left to see new pictures of Sonoma.  She is growing big and strong.  Like her
sister Lacy she has lots of energy and loves to run as you see in the picture to the left.  
Sonoma is now 4.5 months old and has already started conformation training every Tuesday in North Little
Rock, AR.  She will get to do her first fun match at Little Rock Arkansas Kennel Club 6-22-07.
The Reserve Queen!
Lacy our sweet Lacy always the runner up.  Still only needs 3 singles to finish.
North Arkansas Kennel Club, Harrison Arkansas 4-21 & 22 -2007
4-21-07: Judge: Joseph E. Gregory - 1st/Reserve (Really liked her head and movement, tail
carriage too high, hopes with age it will come down)
4-22-07: Judge: Dr Donald Jones - 1st/Reserve (movement judge)
Muskogee and Seminole Kennel Clubs, Shawnee, Oklahoma 5 -26,27 & 28 - 2007
5-26-07: Judge: William E. Usherwood - 1st (no other placements)
5-27-07: Judge - Mrs Gloria L. Geringer - 1st/Reserve (movement judge - fast)
5-28-07: Judge - Mr Elliot B. Weiss - 1st/Reserve (movement judge - slow)
Welcome Home Sonoma

After a very long drive home from Oklahoma and after a few days
of  much needed rest we are proud to introduce the newest addition
to the Mt Carmel Clan.  Now 12 weeks old Sonoma is  starting to
settle in and meet the rest of the pack.  As Sonoma grows just as
with our previous hounds we will take lots of pictures to keep
everyone updated on her progress.  To view Sonoma's everyone is
Gatewy Boru
Trampas Becca
Did someone mention potatoe chips?
We would like to officially announce that we are getting another puppy.  
Puppy is out of this last breeding of Boru to Becca. Once again it is a
choice between another red head or a cream girl.  Teresa will make the
final selection at the end of the month (April). We hope to have pictures
up soon after.  This breeding is nearly identical to Lacy's pedigree  So
we are also hoping this new puppy will also be as successful as Lacy.  
To see pictures of puppies at 8 & 12 wks old
click here.
Click on picture to see photo's of Lacy during her time in the ring.

Lacy and Teresa packed up their bags for a longer than normal trip to participate in
this years National Irish Wolfhound Specialty.  They had a great time weather was
great most of the time or a bit cold and wet which all wolfhounds love.  Lacy was
entered in sweepstakes 12-15 month class and conformation 12 -18 month class.  
Lacy did not make the cut but behaved beautifully the entire time.  There were
several video's taken mostly of the female classes.  All will soon be posted to
YouTube.  For now you are invited to watch the video of
Lacy's class in regular
conformation under judge Gretchen Bernardi of the Berwyck Kennels of Illinois.
Click on photo to left to see photo's of Lacy in the ring, picture featured to the left are
of the 1-4 place selections from Lacy's class.
March 31, 2007.  
10 puppies got their kindergarden pictures taken.   
Some were quick to show off for the camera some just
wanted to bum around.  Click on the picture to the left to
see the first pictures of Boru and Becca puppies asked
to smile for the camera.   Pictures taken in Gate
Oklahoma puppies were just over 8 weeks old.
Ah! A Pleasure it be for the heart , the young, the old and an Irish wolfhound or twenty!
Exercise and fresh air with crowds lining the streets to see the parade.  Here is a short
of our group the IWCO (The Irish Wolfhound Club of the Ozarks) Look for Rumor
and Zelda puppys being pulled around in wagons in their first St Patrick's Day Parade by
their proud owners.  It was a good day to celebrate.  Hope everyone had a good holiday.  
Thank you to the Irish Cultural Society of Arkansas for inviting our little club to be part of
a great event!
Boru and Becca puppies 3-4 weeks old
Updated pictures of Boru and Becca puppys pictured at
3 to 4 weeks in age.  To see the slide show with some
great celtic music click
here.  Hope you enjoy.
New page:  Video and Slide shows now have a separate page.  Things got too crowded on this page.  So please look for links or
just click on the button to the left.  As always thank you for visiting our web site.  
Trampas and Gatewy  
Successful delivery of precious
4 boys and 6 girls on Jan 28, 2007.

Trampas Becca (Half Sister to
Lacy on the Dam side) and
Gatewy Errant Boru (Lacy's Sire)

To see slide show of the puppies at 2 weeks in age  Click here  
                                                                      Camden, Arkansas
                                                                    February 17 & 18,2007
                                                       Video is best viewed using High Speed or Broadband Internet service.

Lacy was shown in 12 -18 month class by Teresa both days. Click here to see  Video  the 17th only.

Saturday: Judge Jacqueline Stacy awarded Lacy
1st/winner  and Best of Breed.  Lacy was also awarded 1 point.  Lacy was then shown in Hound Group handled
by Teresa no further placements.

Sunday: Judge Terry Stacy awarded Lacy
1st/winner and Best of Opposite.  Lacy was awarded her 3rd major of 3 points and now has a total of 12 points.

Below are still shots off a camera and the video of Lacy in for hound group on Saturday the 17th of Feb
Sam Rodriguez and Shay in Hound Group - Pine Bluff 02-03-07
Pine Bluff Arkansas
February 3,2007

Shay was shown in Best of Breed competition by Teresa and
was awarded his 2nd Best of Breed.  
Under Judge: Mr. William F. Potter II

Shay was then shown in Hound Group by fellow exhibitor and We
will also have a  video to post.  So
please keep checking back to see the video.

Hold your mouse over the picture to the left to see another
picture of Sam with Shay.
We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe new year!

May the new year of
2007 bring new hope, love and
prosperity in all your endeavors.  

Perry and Teresa Kuntz
Photo By: Melia Photography
Shay BOB, Lacy WB and Best of Oppoiste - Fayettville, AR.  12-10-06
Shay-Best of Breed, Lacy-Winner
and Best of Opposite
Northwest Arkansas Kennel Club, Fayetteville, AR  December 9th & 10th of 2006
Last year at this show we watched Shay, Charm and Patience win 4 point majors and so we decided for centemental reasons to bring Shay
and professional handler
Terry Smith to show Shay.  Both days Terry had ring conflicts and could not take Shay in.  So Shay worked with
handlers he had never met before.   Sat. Shay did not do anything.  Sunday Shay was teamed up with Brian Livingston and Shay was
awarded his first
Best of Breed and went on to show in Hound for the first time this time with Terry Smith at the helm.  Shay did not get a
placement, But looked  terrific with Terry showing him. To see video taken of Shay in group ring with Terry
click here

Lacy was shown by Teresa in puppy 9-12 mo. Class.
Saturday:  Lacy was awarded 1st/Reserve to 3 point major under judge Mrs. Loraine Boutwell Very happy with her performance really liked  
this judge. Sunday:  Lacy was awarded 1st/Winner/BOS and her second major of 3 points under judge Roger R. Hartinger.  Mr Hartinger
was very impressed with Lacy's maturity at her age.  Lacy now has 8 points w/both majors.
Mobile Kennel Club, Mobile, AL  November 18, 2006
Lacy - Best Puppy In Show
We have been very busy here with shows and the webmaster-trainer-handler being off and on sick with bronchitis the website has been
neglected as last priority of the day, week and then month.  So with the end of year closing with a new promising year ahead we will try to get
our news up to speed.  Lacy was shown for the first time in the 9 - 12 month class in Mobile AL, where she picked up her first Best of Breed.  
She was also shown in regular Hound Group with no other wins.  She did get to participate in a puppy version of Hound Group; where she
received 1st in Hound Group and then went on to puppy version of Best in Show. Under Dorothy Nickles, Lacy was awarded Best Puppy in the
stocking while we left the show building.  Lacy got lots of ahs and congrats while Lacy proudly prances out to the van.  Very memorable
moment in Lacy's show career...Thank You Ms Dorothy Nickles for making it so rewarding to show puppies.
Saline County Kennel Club of Arkansas, Benton AR.  Lacy 6-9 month class Oct 28 & 29, 2006.
This was Lacy's last show in 6-9 month class

Saturday, Judge : George Heitzman.  Lacy got 1st from her class, and received no other placements.  Behaved very well.  After best in show Lacy got to
participate in pets costume contest.  She did not win anything but had a lot of fun.  See pictures of Lacy in costume and some of the other entries
click here.
Sunday, Judge: Mrs Barbra D. Alderman Lacy was placed 2nd in her class and received no other placements.  Lacy learned that if she kept her nose to the
ground she would reward herself with some else's discarded bait. Lacy had her nose to the ground until it was time to go home.  This obviously compromised any
attempt to win her class which was deserving of her performance.
Lacy 10-22-06
Locust Grove Fun Match, Edwardsville, IL, Lacy 6-9 month class Oct 21, 2006.  Annual Fun Match held yearly for just wolfhounds.  Judge this year was  
Lloyd Simmons of Lonnklye.  This a beautiful site for a fun match held at Gretchen's home in Edwardsville.  The weather stayed nice throughout the match.  
very well developed, and after his selection for her class the remaining were told that he would like to see more size.  (?).  I'm very happy with Lacy's height ,
Edwardsville, IL, Lacy 6-9 month class Oct 21, 2006.  Annual Fun Match held yearly for just wolfhounds.  Judge this year was  
Locust Grove Fun at the
moment she is almost 32" and at 8 months of age that is not short.  In any case here are pictures of at the moment she is almost 32" and at 8 months of age
that is not short.  In any case here are pictures of .  One bit of good news Lacy got .  One bit of good news Lacy got
Lacy in the Lacy in the to try out her
legs in a very, very short run on the lure coursing field, Lacy did so well that she will be coursing when I feel she is old enough.  to try out her legs in a very,
very short run on the lure coursing field, Lacy did so well that she will be coursing when I feel she is old enough.  
Tupelo Kennel Club and Greater Shelby Kennel Club, Memphis, TN.  Oct  14 & 15, 2006
Saturday, Judge: Mrs Gloria L Geringer.
 Lacy was her usual self, wanting to be feed all of her treats NOW!  Would hardly let me run her around the
ring with out going into a lope.  Lacy received 2nd out of two in her class as the other puppy Jasmine did beautifully receiving 1st and Best of Winners.
Sunday, Judge: Mr James E Frederiksen.  Lacy did wonderfully and was in top shape. Unfortunatly our judge did not recognize that.  We will never
show any of our dogs to this judge again.  (Politics Sigh)  The other entry is a very nice puppy but Lacy did better.
                        Fort Smith Kennel Club, Fort Smith, Arkansas.  Oct  7 & 8, 2006
                            Lacy was shown by Teresa in 6-9 month puppy class both days:

Saturday, Judge: Jerry Watson.  Lacy behaved beautifully with tough competition from 7 month puppy Jasmine.
Because Lacy was a little more ring savvy along with her very outgoing personality Lacy was able to win her class.  Lacy
had no other wins today but was fantastic and very well behaved.  
To see more pictures of Saturday click here

Sunday:  Judge Michael J. Dougherty : Lacy again behaved beautifully for her class and won.  Lacy went on to win
Winners bitch  and Best Of Opposite and a her first 3 point major.  We have never shown to this judge before  and want
to add not because Lacy did so well, that this judge was very through in his exam of all dogs brought before him.  
Also Lacy did decide to be a puppy just before the judge selected her as winners bitch she jumped up and down on her
rear legs trying to get Teresa to play.   Teresa clearly caught off guard frantically worked  to get all four feet firmly placed
on the ground.  Lots of laughter from spectators outside the ring.  Sorry no pictures taken on Sunday.
Lacy 8 mo old 10-04-06
                       Hot Springs National Park Kennel Club, Saturday Sept. 31, and Sunday Oct 1, 2006
                                       Lacy was shown by Teresa in 6-9 month puppy class both days:

Saturday, Judge Judy Webb.  Lacy was a little reluctant to have her teeth looked at, a phase she is apparently going through.  She
also thought she was off to the races.  Not the well trained puppy she was in Wyoming.  Fortunately for Lacy the judge liked her
enough to give her 1st and Best of Opposite and Lacy's 1st point.
Sunday:  Judge William Cunningham.  Lacy was full of beans and had no attention span.  Again flying around the ring Teresa
managed to keep her in a gait. Again Lacy was reluctant about showing her teeth.  One more time around and the judge awarded Lacy
1st and Best of Opposite and Lacy's 2nd point.   
After the show when Lacy was getting some treats a couple that had watched at ring side came up to congratulate Lacy on her win and
spoke of how really entertaining it was to watch her be a puppy full of play and how Lacy seemed to really like being in the ring.
Fort Worth KC & Texas KC in Dallas TX.  Sept 23 & 24 2006
Lacy loves to travel and go to shows, unfortunately her chauffeur and handler was feeling under the weather with a slight case of Bronchitis.  More
than likely a result of being exposed to extreme weather in Wyoming and not getting enough rest.  So the weekend was spent at home doing local
errands around town.  Lacy and Shay both went to the vet to get weighted.  Lacy 115 lbs, and Shay 166 lbs.  Going to the feed store where Shay and
Lacy got lots of compliments from admirers, and your in the right place to get a saddle comments.  Then a quick lunch and back home to do some
1250pm Sunday 1105am  not many wolfhounds at this show, only 5 total (3 will be puppies of the same age).  I hope the judges like puppies!

Hot Springs National Park KC, Hot Springs, AR.  
September 30 and October 1, 2006.  Judges: Judy Webb and Mr William Cunningham.  
Lacy will be shown in 6-9 month puppy class

Fort Smith K C,
Fort Smith Ar.  
October 7 & 8, 2006.  Judges:  Mr. Jerry M. Watson and Mr. Michael Dougherty.  
Lacy will be shown in the 6-9 month puppy class
Caesar August 2006 at home in MS
                                               Thursday Sept 14, 2006

Caesar Update:  It has now been four months post surgery for gastropexy (stitching of the stomach to the abdominal wall
to prevent torsion) and neutering for Caesar after having survived bloat and torsion in April of this year.  We are very
pleased that Caesar has made tremendous strides in his weight gain and health. Caesar has been on puppy food along
with Pharaoh nearly right after surgery when his weight was down to an all time low of 117 pounds.  Caesar prior to surgery
never weighted more than 137 pounds now he is well over 140 pounds.  Plans are to return him to quality adult food to
help maintain his weight and physical needs.  His owners Cliff and Toni are also very pleased that he is running and
playing games of chase with new puppy Pharaoh in what they call the back forty at their new home in Gulf Port, MS.  Their
yard also includes a small pond.  Pharaoh being a water loving puppy, has no problems keeping to the rules of the game of
chase.  Here are
pictures of Caesar at 2 years and 3 months and Pharaoh at 7 Months old playing
Puppy 6-9 month class

Over 1200 miles,  traveled one way  to Lacy's first Specialty held in Cheyenne, WY.   Leaving Wed 08-30-06, at around 130 pm.  It was non-stop driving
for a caravan of 4 vans after meeting up in Tulsa, OK around 830 pm..  The weather was excellent throughout our drive of over 20 hours.  On the way
home (Saturday 9-2-06) we stopped to stay overnight and visit with Marilyn in Gate Oklahoma which was 610 miles from Cheyenne WY.   We left for
home  around 130 pm the next day (9-03-06).  Another  10+ hours and 600 miles later we where home and quickly catching up on lost
Z time!
While at the specialty we stayed at the Hitching Post which was only a few minutes from the show site.  Fabulous location for the show site with
beautiful lake and manicured grounds at Lions Park.  The day started out with the best of weather a balmy 75* with a light wind.   Lacy stood out with her
remarkable  focus as she was asked to stand in a stack for almost 2 minutes as we waited for the judge attempt to do an exam of the entry before us
which proved to be a little difficult as she was a very timid puppy.  When it was Lacy's  turn she was solid and unwavering in her exam with sound
movement as we made our way around the ring combined with a very upbeat happy gait with head held high.  
As for regular conformation the same entry's from sweepstakes were also in attendance under judge Mr. John R. Briggs (Rathdaws).  The weather was
awful with the temp. now down in the low 40's with strong winds we were frozen like popsicles.  Despite the colder weather all of the puppies were
enjoying it and did well.  Tougher competition prevailed and Lacy did not place.  Congratulations to all the winners throughout the specialty, we had a lot
of fun and hope to return for next year's specialty.  To see additional pictures
click here.
                                                           Memphis Kennel Club, Southaven, MS
                                                                     August 19 and 20, 2006
Wonderful new site...lots of open floor to work with and kept nice and cool with temp of over 100* outside.
                                       Lacy shown in puppy 6-9 months  (actual age 6mo 2wks)  

Saturday, shown by Teresa to Anne Fleming (judge)  Lacy received her first place in class did not receive any more wins.  Judge
complimentary on Lacy being well behaved for her first show.
Sunday, shown by Teresa to Karin Ashe (judge)  Lacy again received her first place in class did not receive any more wins.  Judge again
was very happy to see a very well tempered puppy.  Teresa was a bit worried after seeing another puppy from the male classes get excused.  
Unfortunately the two cameras brought to the show, had dead batteries by ring time.  Only two photo's to post .  They will however give you an
idea of  what the new show site looks like.  
Click here to see photos.
Update at the home front

Since Clancy's departure we have not had any singing so the home remains silent in the mornings and when
we leave the house.  Shay of course on the other side of the coin so to speak.  Very unhappy about mom and
not being allowed play with her.  As a result Shay has started to go off his food and we have decided not to
take him to the Greeley Co. Specialty because of his lack of interest in anything else but mom.  
Charm our very athletic hound is also about to be in season...which is good timing as we plan to have her out
coursing again by October.  Poor Shay (sigh) Charm has made wonderful progress in weight loss and
conditioning.  Hopefully she will get her next title in coursing Senior Courser (SC), before summer next year.
Lacy has been growing slow and steady both in body and mind.  The youngest in the family she is well on her
way to being very well trained for the conformation ring.  Lacy has mastered the stand and stay along with
exams of the mouth, at first very dangerous to ones fingers. <BG>
Clancy in April of 2005
Cove Creek's Clancy Allen
Feb-29-1996 - July-24-2006

Almost 5 months ago we celebrated Clancy's 10 th Birthday.   Now with heavy hearts we are sharing the loss we feel in a
tribute to our sweet Clancy. A member of our family for more than 10 years and reigning king has passed onto God's
Kingdom and travels to Rainbow Bridge. Until we are reunited lots of tears and a sense of utter loss will fill the days we
miss you the most!

Because we love you Sweet Clancy we sent you on a journey to paradise.  
You will no longer be hindered by an aging body, and you will run with the grace and
speed you once enjoyed. Until we are reunited we will send our love on the wings of butterflies.
Thank you God for Blessing our home with Clancy for so many wonderful years!   We will miss you Sweet
  Riverside West KC of Gr. New Orleans Inc. & Metairie Kennel Club in Monroe, LA   May 6th & 7th 2006
Patience:  Shown in Open Class; age 23 months May. 10th
  Patience shown by: Owner Amber in Open Class was selected 1st  in class and Winners Bitch.  Earning  2 points, Judge Mrs.
Donnelle Richards
.  Patience now has 10 points and both majors
Sunday,  Patience shown by owner Amber did get a 2nd place of two entries in Open Class today, Judge: Mr. Gary L. Doerge.  Another great
weekend for   Patience's owners Jesse & Amber.  Hopes are Patience will finish in 2006 like her brother Shay.  (Litter-mate to Shay
Mt Carmel's
All My Patience
Emmet: Shown in Open Class: 2.5 Years
 Shown by Donna Yeldell in open class was selected 1st and reserve winner.  Judge: Mrs Donnelle Richards.

Sunday: Shown by Donna Yeldell, Emmet is awarded 1st and reserve  today.  Judge: Mr Gary L. Doerge.
(Litter-mate to Charm -
Steppin'wolf's Must be a Weasley)
Rosie: Shown in Puppy Bitches 9 to 12 Month Class: Age 10 months May 1st

Shown by Donna Yeldell in 9-12 month puppy class Rosie and gets 2nd place of two entries.  Judge Mrs. Donnelle Richards.
Sunday:  Shown by Donna Yeldell in 9-12 month puppy class Rosie turns on the charm and is awarded 1st and Winners Bitch along with BoS
over a special
.  Rosie's first 2 points won under judge: Mr. Gary L. Doerge.   (Half sister on the Dam side to Charm - Steppin'wolf's
Rosaleen DHU
GRAY SUMMIT, MO  APRIL 25 - 29,2006

Congratulations to all the winners and those that made the cut.  
We had a great time as spectators and exhibitors.  Deb Frank had Sammy shown in 12-18 month bitch class on
Thursday with 16 entries.  Amber Holmes did a fabulous job of showing Sammy.  
Teresa showed Shay in Best of Breed Class on Saturday.  Shay did a wonderful job in the ring with 17 other
Champions (just males)  
Although Sammy and Shay did not make the cut we are very great full to have the opportunity to see and meet a lot of
great hounds and their human families.  We'll see you in TX for 2007 Nationals.
April 15th 2006
Cliff and Toni had just brought new puppy Pharaoh home.  When excitement of getting a new puppy and companion to Caesar soon so
quickly that he did not need emergency surgery.  Caesar is now recovering very nicely at home and wants to play with his new brother
Pharaoh but has to wait until the Dr gives the okay. Caesar has been a big concern for us, since he is considered under weight for his
size and age.   Repeated visits to his vet to find any reason for his lack of weight gain lead no where.  About 3 months ago we
suggested  changing Caesar from a free feed situation to scheduled feedings.  Things were looking great as we got reports of slow
weight gain, until he bloated.  Toni and Cliff have decided to have Caesar under go gastropexy surgery.  An elective surgery to secure
his stomach to the abdominal wall to help prevent bloat and torsion in the further.  For now Caesar's doctor  wants to allow Caesar's
body to recover before doing surgery.  Please keep Caesar in your prayers!  Below is what the last study had to say about GDV and
chronically underweight dogs:

One of the last studies done on Bloat and Torsion GDV reported that : “We have consistently found, and have been able to replicate it
in this study, that dogs characterized by their owners as chronically underweight are at higher risk than dogs characterized as average
weight or even overweight,” Flick man notes.  
Click on picture to see slide show of Lacy and visitors

Lacy.  Teresa accompanied by two good friends Lori and Jay Pitts drove to Gate Oklahoma to spend the weekend
(04-8 & 9-06 )with Marilyn and the puppies.  We had a great time visiting with Marilyn but sadly only one puppy
could come back to Arkansas.  Lacy is the beautiful red wheaten puppy you see to the left.  She had never been
for a car ride and as you see here a perfect angle.   All together the trip was 1200 miles round trip.  Lacy has
now been home for two days and introduced to the other wolfhounds.  Jazz is in denial and is ignoring Lacy in
hopes that she will be gone soon, Shay is frightened of Lacy and flinches with every move.  Charm  has taken
on the role babysitter and follows Lacy's every move food.  In the two days we have had her home Lacy is now
leash trained and is half way house trained.  Lacy loves to sit and cuddle as well as play with her toys.  A very
good appetite and adventurous.   In a few weeks we will start on her socializing.   
 Lacy's photo album
Patience at 21 months of age 03/26/2006 pic taken by Amber Holmes

Patience, posed in wild flowers on a break from driving home Location: In Texas, on the way
home from Ft Worth, TX. Dog Shows to Monroe LA. Taken by owner: Amber Holmes.  To see
more pictures of Patience
click here.  (Mt Carmel's All My Patience, JC)
Treasure with her two pups 1-8 March 2006
Pictures Are Here!
Pictures are finally in of the two puppys born to Boru and Treasure.  Pictures were taken
when they were 4-5 wks of age.  We still do not know which of these beautiful pups will
come to live here with us.  One puppy is a red wheaten and the other is a cream. Both are
girls and large for their age.  With just two puppies they are well taken care of.
Ft Smith AR, Parade Group Pic IW=Bo, Murphy, Ailidh, Sadie,Bradiegh, Merlin and Shay
Hot Springs St Patrick's Parade 03-17-06
Shay 03-11-06 Fort Smith, AR
IWCO members IRW= Jasmine and Shay 03-18-06

Shay was in his first St Patrick's Day Parade Saturday (03/11/2006)
at Fort Smith, AR.  The pictures to the left is one of a group picture of
some of our club members and wolfhounds and a very tired
Shay after the parade and all the festivities in Ft. Smith.  The other
is another group picture during the Little Rock Ar Parade.  Below are
links to websites and information about the parades we walked in.
Hot Springs, AR. 03/17/2006
the shortest parade
in the Guinness book of records and  Downtown Little Rock, AR.
03/18/2006  Click here to
see more Pictures taken of the different
parades our group was in.  Here is also a link to the
Irish Wolfhound
Club of the Ozarks.
One of Treasure's puppys 02-2006

Pictures are in of the two puppies born to  Boru and Treasure, Feb 1,2006.  Both are female one is a red wheaten and the other
is a cream wheaten.  As of now we don't know which of the two puppies will be our Chantilly Lace (Lacy).  To the left is a lovely
picture of one of the girls escaping from the whelping box around the age of 3-4 weeks.
Click here to see more pictures.
CH. KELLCASTLE PINK CHAMPAGNE JC  07/24/2000 - 03/01/2006

It's with heavy heart that we share the news of Charm's mother (Bebe) passing.  She was 5 years and 8 months young when lovingly
sent to rainbow bridge by her caregivers at Steppin'wolf. Bebe was diagnosed with bone cancer just after Christmas of 2005.  Bebe
has left many of us saddened by this loss.  Most of all her family.  Jonnette loved to tell stories of Bebe's antics and how life was
never boring with Bebe a foot.  Bebe is survived by many offspring, some of which have gone on to being champions in the
conformation ring as well as setting their sites on champion titles in coursing and obedience... a wonderful tribute to her legacy.
Pat on her success in long lived wolfhounds and how great full we
are to have enjoyed Clancy's companionship through
the years.  Soon Clancy will be welcoming another puppy to the
family while he prevails as
reigning King

Born February 29, 1996