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Before Mt Carmel
Mt Carmel Hounds
Lure Coursing
Latest results of Lacy's Health Screening 10-15-08

On the 3rd of October Lacy had an Electrocardiogram exam, 6th of October results were in and not as good as we had hoped.  
Lacy's electrocardiogram demonstrated a normal sinus arrhythmia at a rate of 136-171 beats per minute.  Approximately 20
isolated atrial premature complexes were noted per minute.  Arrhythmia noted can occur as a result of atrial enlargement and
may be associated with early /occult dilated cardiomyopathy (though this was not noted on echocardiography) done on the 24th
of September.  Other causes of arrhythmia such as atrial myocarditis (idiopathic or rickettsial) is possible.  Two additional test
were recommended to help determine the underlying cause and to assess her condition before breeding.  The first of two
recommended procedures.   A CBC and serum chemistry analysis.  The results of that test came back on Thursday the 9th of
Oct.  Results showed Lacy to be borderline positive for Lyme disease.  Friday the 10th of Oct, Lacy was started on Doxycycline
600 Mg a day for 28 days.  Up until Friday night Lacy never exhibited any symptoms of Lyme.  That evening Lacy went lame in
her right rear leg and refused to bare any weight on it up until Saturday evening.  In addition to her Doxycycline she will be
given 340 mg of Previcox for pain as needed.  After 28 days or shortly there after we will follow-up with another CBC and tick
panel analysis.  If Lacy is found to no longer have the Lyme bacterium present.  We will proceed to the 2nd recommended
procedure - the holter test.  The holter monitor is recommended to assess the presence of arrhythmias in a 24 hour period.  
After this last procedure we will know if our plans to breed Lacy will go on as scheduled or canceled.  As for our feelings on
this.  Nothing is more important to us than the health and well being of our hounds.  When you breed regardless of what breed
there is always a risk of unforeseen problems.   However we will not knowingly put Lacy in harms reach and we will cancel our
plans to breed her if the risk is now too great.  If we do proceed with our plans to bred Lacy, we will have plans in place to
monitor her pregnancy very closely.  Please check back to get updates on Lacy's progress.  
Preparations for Lacy's breeding
Sept. 24,2008; Lacy went to see Larry Nafe DVM at Hillcrest Animal Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas for her
most important per-screening exams an Echocardiogram a very specialized  cardiovascular procedure used
to assess the heart's function and structures.  Lacy did very well, exam results were very good.  
Oct 3, Lacy
will also have a Electrocardiogram done to make sure we cover all the bases.  This exam records the
electrical activity of the heart.  
Oct, 13 Lacy is scheduled to have her hip and elbows x-rayed for OFA review.
Slide show of our visit to  The
Rocky Ridge Refuge.  Click on
photo to view.
Rocky Ridge Refuge - Janice Wolf and Lurch a Guinness Book Record holder

Lurch is an African Watusi steer a Guinness Book Record holder and a resident of
The Rocky Road Refuge in Monkey Run Arkansas. Lurch has largest known horn
circumference in the world.Learn more about Janice Wolf, Lurch and
Rocky Road Refuge

Janice Wolf: owner, caregiver an amazing person who somehow finds the strength
through her animals to run this one person operation from her home. Has given us
permission to create a link to her sight.  To the left and right  you can click on the
photo to view slide shows of our visit and Janice's new Irish Wolfhound puppies
(Breeder Deb Frank) fulfilling a life time dream of one day owning a wolfhound.
  Planned breeding of Rafferty and Lacy Fall -Winter of 2008
We are so thrilled to announce that the long awaited planned breeding of our Lacy to Rafferty has
been re-scheduled for this fall.  It's been over 4 years since our last breeding of Jasmine to Kodiak
and could not come at a better time.  Lots of work yet to do as we make preparations.   Please
visit our Litters page to review pedigree and pictures.  Please contact us for further information.
Ch Mt Carmel's Jasmine 06/23/2000 - 06/10/2008

Jasmine unexpectedly died the day her only litter was to celebrate their 4th birthday.   She
passed quietly over rainbow bridge at 815am after undergoing surgery for bloat.  Only after
the results of a necropsy did we discover that her bloat was brought on by Bacterial
Pneumonia.  Miss diagnosed as chronic bronchitis she lived these last 4 months on borrowed
time.  Xrays, blood work, ECG never showed any signs of Pneumonia.  She never went off
her food, never had a temp and gained close to 10 pounds since her Pyrometra in Sept of
last year.  The one test we did not do was a culture of her blood.  This may have brought to
light the illness that was hiding from other diagnostic tools.  We can not turn back the clock
and save Jasmine with the knowledge we now have.   Hopefully those of you that read this
post will use this information to hopefully avoid this type of tragedy.
Please say a prayer for our baby-girl, she was priceless to us.  She will never be forgotten as
she joins all the great hounds that have gone before her and leaves a huge void in our
hearts - never to be whole again.  Someday we'll get to tell Jazz that we love and missed her.
North Arkansas Kennel Club, INC  April 19 & 20,2008
Harrison, Arkansas
Trampas Gatewy Sonoma entered in the 12 - 18 Month class - now 14 months
Saturday - Judge: Mr Dana P Cline - 2nd  No points
Sunday - Judge: Mr Jon Cole - 1st/W/BOB  1 point
Yeah!  Sonoma has her first point!  Pleasant surprise was not expecting Sonoma to do any
winning yet. She is so immature.  Picture by Nugent Photo
Group picture of
Trampas hounds in TX
Trampas Irish Wolfhounds
April 10,2008  IWCA Nationals - Southfork, TX
Group photo - Just so happened that most of the Trampas entries at
nationals in TX were from Louann's last litter.  All but Evie which
is the first on the left are litter-mates to Sonoma.  Evie is Lacy's
Litter-mate.  I have not seen her since she was just shy of 6 months.
She is currently being trained and handled by Sam.   He also own's
Conlan.  I can't wait to see how Evie does at her first show.
Dogs from left to right.  Evie, Conlan, Sonoma, Cuinn and Celine
click here to see lots of photos
Patience & Amber
having a pep talk
Irish Wolfhound Club of America National Specialty
Southfork, Texas   April 8 - 11, 2008
Mt Carmel's All My Patience JC

Rally - Judge: Nancy Simmons
Novice A - April 9, 2008  2 entered
Patience recieved an 83 out of a possible 100, 1st in class  Patience now has 1 leg of 3 towards
her Rally Novice title.  Big thank you to her owners Amber and Jesse who made her win possible.  Patience did not fall far
from the tree when it comes to her intellegence, she gets that from her mom.  Very proud of everyone.  Can't wait to see
what Patience will be doing next.  To see picture at left along with many others please click on the photo.  To view offical
Click here
Irish Wolfhound Club of America National Specialty
Southfork, Texas   April 8 - 11, 2008
Trampas Gatewy Sonoma - 14 months old

Sweepstakes - Judge: Steve LaVan
12 - 15 month class - April 8,2008  7 entrys 2 absent
Sonoma awarded 3rd place see official picture
click here

Conformation - Judge: Mrs Kelly of Nutstown (Ireland)
12 - 18 month - April 10, 2008  14 entrys 1 absent
Sonoma did not place to see placement results
click here
Claremore Kennel Club of Oklahoma, INC March 29 & 30, 2008
Claremore, OK
Trampas Gatewy Sonoma entered in the 12 - 18 Month class - now 13 months
Saturday - Judge: Mrs Joan P. Anselm - 2nd/Reserve  No points
Sunday - Judge: Mr Russell McFadden - 2nd/Reserve  No points
Stayed at a great hotel in Pryor, Ok about 10 min drive to the show site.
Microtel Inn hotel lots of areas to walk
your dog as well as being clean; room also had microwave and refrigerator.
Click to see more photos
St Patricks Day and Irish Wolfhounds
Little Rock - North Little Rock Parade 03/15/08

Now as a regular entry in the parade our group
Irish Wolfhound Club of the Ozarks (IWCO).  
Mingeled with spectators from the parade.  As spectors go they come in all sizes and ages, we
especially enjoy the interaction our dogs have with children.
To the left is Tonks owned by Sean and Lauren who drove in from Memphis, Tn. to be part of the
parade with their two wolfhounds.  You can't help but chuckle when you
look at this picture and how it captures a special moment when Tonks wants to check-out this young
spectator, and her reaction.  Click on the picture to see all of the remaining photo's.
Parade hosted by the
Irish Cultural Society of Arkansas this was their 9th year.
Jazz and Ivy 03-07-08
Winter weather in March

After a heart breaking February that left us drained emotionally with the loss of our old
boxer Britney.  We got a much-needed change of scenery.  2 days of snow the
first just a dusting of the white stuff...enough that Sonoma would not come in to get dry
and cleaned up.  Then 2 days later we get just enough snow that schools were closed
and we were able to  spend the entire day playing in a very wet 3 inches of snow.  There are some great
pictures of all the wolfhounds enjoying the snow.  Most while it was falling.  The best pictures are of our
Charm and her great escape the following day.  Please visit our photo gallery to view all the photos
Britney  1995 - Feb 22,2008

with too much grief (Britney and Kaysee) were her dogs.  Soon after adopting Britney and Kaysee we
welcomed Jasmine to the family and Britney became one of Jazz's favorite playmate's.  This did not last past
Jazz's 4th birthday.  Britney was a dominate dog and kept attaching Jazz and just before Jazz turned 4 we
could not even have them in the same room.  Britney did get introduced to Jazz's puppys and she was
absolutely wonderful, very sweet and gentle, even when they where old enough to bite at her tail.   With every
new puppy introduced to the pack there was never any problems with letting them play with Britney. Thurs Feb
Britney came to us as a rescue in 1997 when one of her owners committed suicide.  Leaving the other owner
with too much grief (Britney and Kaysee) were her dogs.  Soon after adopting Britney and Kaysee we
welcomed Jasmine to the family and Britney became one of Jazz's favorite playmate's.  This did not last past
Jazz's 4th birthday.  Britney was a dominate dog and kept attaching Jazz and just before Jazz turned 4 we
could not even have them in the same room.  Britney did get introduced to Jazz's puppys and she was
absolutely wonderful, very sweet and gentle, even when they where old enough to bite at her tail.   With every
new puppy introduced to the pack there was never any problems with letting them play with Britney. Thurs Feb
22,2008 we had to say goodbye to our sweet old gale.  We did everything to save her including surgery but
her heart was not strong enough.  She passed away in our arms after she survived surgery for bloat and
torsion.   On that day Jazz came into the room to say goodbye to her friend.  Rest in peace sweet Britney.
Shay and Lacy Playing 01-27-08
New Pictures....Lots of new pictures.
Recently purchased a new camera.  While our old camera was still in working condition we thought it was
time for a new one after 8 years of reliable service from the old camera.  There are still lots of pictures to
process and post.  Our best pictures so far have been of Lacy and Shay playing.  Our new camera has
captured some very detailed and energy packed pictures.  In these pictures you will see teeth.  Don't be
alarmed these two always play very rough and come out smelling like roses.  Even though it looks as if Lacy
is over matched.  Like any espiring Diva, she can stop the play anytime.  Shay  is also very good about
listening to Lacy when she wants to stop. We have also updated some of the individual pictures for Shay,
Charm, Lacy and Sonoma.  All can be viewed by visiting our Photo Gallery page.  
Congratulations Patience!
Afghan Hound Club of Dallas In Glen Rose, TX
Jan 5 & 6 2008

Patience is well on her way to becoming a lure coursing Champion (FC)  Patience ran both Sat
and Sun as the only wolfhound entered for trials.  Patience was awarded Best of Breed both
days.  The BIG WIN was on Sunday.  Amber and Jesse decided to stay for Best in Field.  To
everyone's surprise and joy Patience pulled it off and took home Best in Field...earning a major
win with her points now at 5.  Jesse and Amber are very excited about the win and hope Patience
continues to bring home the wins that will earn her a Champion title in Lure Coursing.   Patience
also has 10 points in conformation and both majors maybe we will have the first dual Champion
from Mt Carmel.  Lots of credit goes to Jesse and Amber for Patience's training and continued
conditioning that made this win possible.  Keep up the good work.
Sooner Kennel Club of Enid, Oklahoma
October-13 & 14-2007

Entries  - Lacy and Sonoma
Judges: Sat= Mr Robert S. Forsyth, Sun = Mrs. Robert S. Forsyth

Lacy was shown from Best of Breed Competion
These were the first shows that Lacy was shown as a finished Champion
Lacy was successfull at wining BOB both days (No other placements)

Sonoma was shown from the 6-9 month puppy Class.  
Saturday Sonoma was awarded 1st/Best of Winners/Best Puppy
Sunday Sonoma was awarded 1st/Winner (No points either day)
Breeder Louann H. Ellis
Louann H. Ellis ( Trampas Irish Wolfhounds- Est 1976)
June 30,1934 - October 23,2007

Friend, Mentor and Breeder.  This is a small tribute to Louann Ellis .  Louann, we will miss you
dearly.  Our only comfort from our lose comes through the eyes of our beloved wolfhounds.
(Portal to the soul) You will live on through the spirit and the heart beat of your Trampas
hounds.    We hope you look upon us from heaven with pride in the future generation of
wolfhounds carrying your beloved Trampas lines, and your wishes to keep Tini's line alive.  Thank
you so much for entrusting us with that line.

Louann graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Central Oklahoma with a degree in
Business Administration.  She was awarded the Bast Award as the most outstanding student in
the School of Business.   Louann and her husband Ben traveled to rodeos where Ben rode bulls,
bareback and did steer wrestling.  Later they continued taking their children to rodeos, where they
were very successful barrel racers.  Their son also went onto wrestling matches where he
became an outstanding competitor.  Louann traveled extensively during the 70's and 80's.  She
went to all the Western European countries, England, Ireland, Greece, Egypt and on an
archaeological dig in Israel.
Louann purchased her first wolfhound in 1976 and became very active in the showing and
breeding of wolfhounds.  During those 30 years of breeding and showing the Trampas line has
been credited with over 50 Champions.  Louann was a lover of all animals and implores those
she leaves behind to respect all living beings.  We as the dominant and most cruel of species are
charged with their well -being.
A New AKC Champion of Record!
Sept 29, 2007
Trampas Chantilly Lace (Lacy), earned her last two points at Hot Springs
AR, under judge Paula Hartinger.  Now that Lacy is finished we are looking
forward to getting her started in Lure Coursing and preparing for her first
breeding scheduled for Spring /Summer of 2008
Jazz  at  6 + yrs old 09-18-06
Jazz at almost 7 yrs 05-11-07
Jasmine (Jazz) recovering from closed Pyrometra
Sept 8 - Sept 28, 2007

While Teresa was out of town,  the weekend of the 8-9 of Sept, Jazz got very ill.  Symptoms were confusing and
very alarming.  She refused to eat anything and very lethargic.  Temperature was up and down, drank
excessive amounts of water matched equally with her the need to go potty.  Occasional cough, along with a
nose that was stuffy and hard to breath from, eyes runny and ears smelly and yucky.  Along with an obviously
swollen abdomen.  September 10th,  X-ray's confirmed that Jazz had Pyrometra not only that but a closed
pyrometra which is the most dangerous and fatal without surgery.  Jazz was left overnight at the vet to prepare
her for the next day's surgery.   Jazz was put on fluids to prevent dehydration and very strong antibiotics.   Sept.
11th at 9:45am surgery was started.  All of Jazz's reproductive organs were removed..notably the Uterus.  The
swelling from inside Jazz's abdomen was from her uterus.  Jazz's uterus was so huge from infected matter inside
it was now 10.5 pounds and had all the signs of being ready to rupture.   If allowed to rupture Jazz would have
died.   Surgery was an uneventful 45 minutes long.  Getting Jazz to her feet to go home, took forever.  She was
per-medicated with Morphine and this tends to prolong the effects of the anesthesia.  During the first 10 days of
her recovery at home she ate little and it was determined that it was from the antibiotic that she continued to
take at home.  In less than 24 hours of finishing her antibiotics her appetite had returned in a big way.  She now
happily eats everything she is offered.  Jazz is now doing so well that when outside she tears up the yard with
the spirit and enthusiasm of a yearling.  Not the demeanor of an older lady of 7.5 years.  Here is a link to
information about
  Caesar recovering from Back Surgery
August 27 - September 26, 2007
Monday the 27th of August Caesar lost mobility in his rear legs and was incontinent;  a series of x-rays were done
right away which found nothing out of the ordinary.  Caesar was put on steroids and set up for an appointment to
see a specialist and do an MRI in Louisiana.  August 28th Caesar had regained his mobility but was still
incontinent.  Wednesday the 29th of August,  The results of the MRI, Caesar had two ruptured discs between the
6th  & 7th vertebrae of the lumbar area of his spin.  One described as being major and the other minor.   
Treatment: Traditional medicine (no surgery) would have been a waiting period of 2 months before any signs of
recovery and if there had been no progress by this point there would have been even more damage.  Surgery
gave Caesar a 75 –80% chance of full recovery.   With results of the surgery's outcome being apparent
immediately and up to 10 day's.   Toni and Cliff made the decision to go with the surgery.  Surgery was performed
on Friday the 31st of August, the surgery was uneventful and went very well.  Now it was just a waiting process.  
Next day Caesar was up and walking, but still incontinent.   Finally on Thursday the 6th of September.  Great
News!  Caesar was going potty on his own and would be ready to come home the following Monday the 10th of
September.  Caesar apparently had an accident on Sunday and as a precaution Caesar stayed one more day for
observation.   Caesar is now home and at first Pharaoh was not allowed to visit Caesar for good reasons.   Ever
so often depending on how Caesar moved he still yelps out in pain. The vet said this could be a suture or a nerve
that is still angry but should get better over time.   So far Cesar is doing well…eating everything in sight.  Some of
his finer motor skills are slow to return.  One very noticeable one is the inability to wag his tail.  Doctor said that
this could return depending on how angry those nerves are and  may take several months.  
Wednesday, Sept 26th 2007, Caesar has started to regain more movement in his tail and is now allowed to
resume being the loving bigger brother to Pharaoh while in the home and supervised.  Still not allowed to play or
run together.  It's one step closer to Caesar returning to a normal life of playing and romping around the
New pictures of little
Pictures taken at 6.5 months old and again at 6.3wks old.

Click here to visit Sonoma's photo gallery