Mt Carmel Hounds
On this page we would like to share with you
accomplishments, character and other details
pertaining to each of our hounds.
Lucy as a 6.5 year old  
June 26,2018
Lucy at 2.9 years old a month after finishing
her Championship  Oct 9, 2014
Lucy at B-Match Group 4 win
August 10, 2012  6 months old
Ch. Okira vom Luchemer Bruckchen
Call Name: Lucy Litter Theme "the letter O"
DOB: January 29, 2012
Breeder: Inge Siemoneit
Dutch Ch Dahmrak's Brogan  X  Inishmaan Edwina
Lucy's Pedigree            Lucy's Show Record

Lucy is one of 10 puppies from the "O" litter and our first ever import.  She was whelped by Inge
Siemoneit of  vom Luchemer Bruckchen Kennel in Germany.  Her litter name was "no bite"
lovingly called this by Inge we discovered why.   She loves to bite on us and mostly sweet
patient Franky. We decided to call her Lucy after the well known comedian Lucille Ball.  She has
the spirit and tenacity of Lucille's characters and is always giving us a reason to laugh and
being a red head helps to further fit the profile.  We also want to give much credit to Scott and
Nadine Kerr and their enormous help in bringing Lucy here.  We had no plans to look for
another puppy after the recent lose of our Sonoma.  We could not be more thrilled that Lucy has
joined our family.  Lucy has settled in nicely with the pack and is now an intricate part or our
family and daily lives.  Still stubborn at times to a fault she never holds back on the kisses.  
Lucy and Wendy are now for ever buddy's playing and romping as much as time allows.  We
get so much joy from watching Lucy stalking Wendy, then pouncing and running like the wind
with pure happiness
Lucy started her show career in August of 2012.  Since then she has earned two points and  
two Best of Opposites over her buddy Wendy she also won Best Of Breed Owner handler and
won a Group 3 in Owner handler Hound group and a group four in Best Puppy Hound Group
from a strong entry (12 puppies)  Since the start of her show career Lucy has made vast
improvements in the ring.  Going from gainly uncoordinated to strong impressive puppy.  For
2013 Lucy will be moving out of puppy classes as a young and strong yearling we see Lucy
earning her conformation title quickly.
As we had hoped Lucy did grow into a beautiful strong female, we like to call her Ms Arnold
Schwarzenegger very well developed 1st and 2nd thigh muscles.  Late 2013 Lucy earned her
first major of two needed to finish her Championship.  Most of 2013 was in search of majors and
it looked like a repeat for 2014.  As the only female of 7 entries with 2nd and 8th ranked male
wolfhounds competing for Best of Breed.  Lucy took the win for Best of Breed and earned her
last major points to finish in Sept 2014 with her Co-owner Nadine Kerr handling Lucy.  Lucy is
now being campaigned for her Grand Championship.  As of 12-13-2014 Lucy has all 3 major
points and one defeat of another champion for a total of 10 points of 25 needed, exhibited by
Junior handler Zion Mitchell who also uses Lucy for her Junior's Competition.  
In 2015 Lucy blessed us with two beautiful litters sired by Franky.  One was a planned breeding
the 2nd one was not.  It is important to note that we were very concerned for Lucy's well fair
during the pregnancy.  Fortunately everyone did well.
Lucy's 1st litter the Charmed litter was born 3-18-2015 [14 (6M & 8F) ]
Lucy's 2nd litter Lightning Strikes Twice litter was born 10-12-2015 [10 (7M & 3F) ]
Off from showing to be a mother in all of 2015 we hope to have her back out to earn her GCH
title with Zion showing her in both Juniors and Breed ring in 2016.  

Well our plans to bring Lucy back out in 2016 didn't happen.  Not due to health, we have since
then personally or by owners successfully earned 5 AKC Champion titles from Charm litter and
1 from Lightning litter Our plans are now to show her as a veteran next year.  She will be
celebrating her 7th birthday January 2019.
CH. Mt Carmel's Magical Charm
Call name: Bear Theme Litter "The Charmed Litter"
DOB:  March 18, 2015
Breeders: Teresa Kuntz, Nadine Kerr and Lisa Osborne
GCH CH Bainbridge Frank Sinatra X CH Okira vom Luchemer Bruckchen
Bear's Pedigree                   Bear's Show Record

Bear is one of 14 puppies from our home bred Charmed Litter of 2015.   Our 2nd litter in over 30 years first litter was whelped in 2004.  Bear has average
bone with beautiful and balanced conformation.  Excellent course coat a Red Wheaten in coloring.  At 8 months she was 31.5" at the shoulder. We had
plans to only keep one pick female from this litter and Bear was not our pick, rather she picked us.  Talk about pulling at your heart strings, she worked
really hard to win us over .  Bear is incredibly smart something we noticed at the very tender age of 5 weeks.  Bear is definitely the Brains to Sandy being
the Bronze.  Like her sister Sandy, Bear knows no strangers, but a little more forceful with her affection she will not take no for an answer.  Which has brought
us at odds with her destructiveness.  She was especially difficult to correct, but once she was about 14 months she like her sister Sandy was trust worthy.  Bear,
unlike her sister Sandy loves the show ring and moves effortlessly and confidently.  We do have plans to show her as a special, in the meantime she will also
start doing some lure coursing.  Look out white plastic bags, she has to make sure they are dead and leaves the line void of bags. Meaning all the bags need
to be replaced for the next run.  Bear is also the first from the Charmed Litter to earn her AKC Championship on November 13, 2016 at Springfield MO.  Going
Best of Breed over one special and earning her 4th major points of 3.  At home she loves to get filthy dirty especially after a rain, mud holes are a treat.  She
plays with anyone whether it is a spontaneous run, tug a war you can count on her to be in the action.  She loves her sire Franky and often enlists him in a game.
Both love balls and will often be both diving to catch and play keep away from the other.  As we move forward with our plans to have a litter in 2018 we are
planning for this to be Bear's first litter.  If she passes all her health checks.  Currently working on her Grand Championship and doing very well after taking a year
off from showing Bear seems to cast a spell over judges  two shows and 4 judges have awarded Bear Best of Breed with tough competition. As of Dec 2017 Bear
needs 7 points for her Grand Championship Title.  Bear has also cleared her Echo exam of her heart and Clear eye exam.  Next will be OFA of Hips, Elbows and knees.
Bear in for Hound Group at Dallas TX
Show 12-10-2017.
Random pictures taken of Bear, by Professional
photographers Dearil and Donna-Yeldell Jackson.
Images By Dearil   Bear finished her
championship this day.  Springfield MO, Nov 13,
2016 at 20 months old.
Bear head shot
Bear with Lisa
Bear on the move
Bear 4 Weeks old
Bear 8.5 Weeks old
Bear 8 Months old
Bear as a Yearling
Bear 17 Months old
Bear GP4 at 20 Months old
Mt Carmel's Slice of Charm PI
Call name: PI Theme Litter "The Charmed Litter"
DOB:  March 18, 2015
Breeders: Teresa Kuntz, Nadine Kerr and Lisa Osborne
GCH CH Bainbridge Frank Sinatra X CH Okira vom Luchemer Bruckchen
PI's Pedigree                   PI's Show Record

PI is one of 14 puppies from our home bred Charmed Litter of 2015.   Our 2nd litter in over 30 years first litter was whelped in 2004. PI was
one of the smallest puppies in the litter with the biggest stand-out personality. Nice red wheaten female she was about 31" at the shoulder at 8 months old.   
PI is of very fine build and very feminine in appearance and has an abundance of energy.  Not as destructive as her sisters Bear and Sandy.  Much
better behaved.  PI also knows no strangers and welcomes anyone to scratch her belly or rolling around on the ground with her.   PI lives with Lisa Osborne
(Teresa's sister) the first time Lisa has actually been owned by an Irish Wolfhound.  Lisa choose PI because of the strong bond she had with PI from almost at
birth.  PI and Lisa are already hard at work doing Obedience training and doing really great.  PI is also showing in conformation and doing well.  As of today
12-23-2016 PI has both majors equaling 8 points picking up her first major of 3 points at 6 months old in Camden, AR and her second of 5 points at
Little Rock, AR at 17 Months old.  We hope to have her Championship title in the new year of 2017.  At this point we have no plans to use PI in our
breeding program.  Her fine build is not a desired trait for our program.  She loves being out she shows beautifully.  From there PI will go on to lure coursing
and hopefully Rally and Obedience trials where both Lisa and PI will excel and PI will be a great ambassador of the breed.
PI 4 Weeks old
PI 8.5 Weeks old
PI 8 Months old
PI at 17 Months old
PI at 2 years old
PI at 2 years old
Call name: Sandy Theme Litter "The Charmed Litter"
DOB:  March 18, 2015
Breeders: Teresa Kuntz, Nadine Kerr and Lisa Osborne
GCH CH Bainbridge Frank Sinatra X CH Okira vom Luchemer Bruckchen
Sandy's Pedigree                    Sandy's Show

Sandy is one of 14 puppies from our home bred Charmed Litter of 2015.   Our 2nd litter in over 30 years first litter was whelped in 2004.  Sandy is nicely
boned with beautiful and balanced conformation.  Nice course coat a Cream Sable in coloring.  At 8 months she was already 32" at the shoulder.  Sandy
was our top pick from the 8 females where the quality of this breeding was clearly predominate.
Sandy is a love, very soft and gentle unassuming personality.  Quite demeanor typical of a wolfhound she only barks when there is something
to be worried about.  Also and easy keeper loves food, very athletic and well muscled thanks to her sister Bear and half brother Thor.  There is
lots of play and frolicking among these three.  Very destructive as a puppy primary targets were dry wall, shoes, dog beds and couches.  Loves bones,
digging and an assortment of toys.  Sandy loves people especially adores children and fascinated with very small dogs and will get reckless.  
Needs supervision with really small dogs.  Doesn't like being groomed for shows and gets vocal about her dislike and reluctantly lets us get her groomed.
At home with Sandy,there just isn't enough hands or time to satisfy her need for cuddling.   Loves sleeping in our bed and impossible to move.  Not vocal
at all but worrisome she does not like the show ring and it shows in her gait at times.  As of December 10, 2016 Sandy needs just two points to finish her
Championship and is making positive progress with showing.  Not sure we will show her as a special.  Outside the show ring she is clearly more relaxed
and charming to people and dogs.  Once she has her championship out of the way we will take her back to lure coursing.  Like her sister Bear
this could be more her cup of tea.  January 27,2017 Sandy earned her last two points in Alexandria, LA and is now a New Champion. Now we will see
if she is interested in lure coursing. Successfully passed her lure coursing trial April 2017.  Cleared Eyes and Echo Heart Exam, getting ready to do OFA of Hips,
Elbows and knees.  Hopefully a new mother spring of 2018 if all her health checks go well.
Sandy 8 Months old
Sandy 4 Weeks Old
Sandy 8.5 Weeks Old
Sandy 8 Months old
Sandy a Yearling
Sandy 17months old
Sandy GP3  18 Months
Jazz at 9 months old
Jazz at 22 Months old - New Champion
- pictured her with her breeder Brenda
Jazz pictured here 5 days after  emergency
surgery for blockage.  4-8-2016
CH. Taryn All That Jazz
Call name: Jazz Theme Litter "Letter J"
DOB: January 29, 2013
Breeder: Gary and Brenda Fairbanks
GCH CH Carnasserie Lodestone Of Taryn X Taryn Wendy's Miracle Jory
Jazz's Pedigree                            Jazz's Show Record

Jazz is one of 4 puppies from the "J" litter and the only female.  She was whelped by Gary and Brenda
Fairbanks of Taryn Irish Wolfhounds in Texas.  We were given the opportunity to bring Jazz home just
before her 2nd birthday after finishing her championship.  In November 2014 Jazz came home and
joined our Mt Carmel pack.  Jazz is a huge girl of 36" at the shoulder and 160 lbs.  Being so much
larger than our alpha female Wendy we introduced them, first.  Jazz immediately submitted to Wendy
followed by Lucy.  It was so uneventful how quickly and happily Jazz joined our pack, we couldn't be
more happy.  A testament to her sound temperament achieved by her breeders.  
So we made plans to breed Jazz to Franky after we had finished doing her health checks in the Fall of
2015.  Unfortunately Franky and Jazz had other plans and Jazz presented us with her first litter of 9
puppies in June 2015.  Our Knock on Wood Litter. Jazz was also a very good mother and nursed her
litter to 5 almost 6 weeks.  She took great care of them and loved coming in to clean up after the
puppies were eating on their own.  We kept a male out of the Knock on Wood litter.  He posses so
many of the qualities we love about Jazz and we could not be more thrilled.  
We are bitting at the bit to get this beautiful girl out to show.  However another set back as we
discovered in April of 2016 that Jazz is not a discriminating eater.  She was rushed to the vet to have
blockage surgically removed.  Items removed: Socks, rocks and some unknown material along with
about a foot of dead small intestine.  She quickly recovered from her surgery which her vet was very
guarded about, at first.  If we had waited even 12 hours longer she would have not survived.  
So hopefully in 2017 we are hoping to do a little showing of Jazz.  We also hope to breed Jazz one
more time.  So we are looking for a nice match like Franky was with her first litter.  As well as finishing
out her health checks.
Jazz at just over 3 years in age 3-23-2016
CH Mt Carmel's Knock on Wood - Hawthorn
Call Name: Thor  Theme Litter "Knock on Wood"
DOB: June 23, 2015
Breeders: Teresa Kuntz, Lisa Osborne, Gary and Brenda Fairbanks
GCH Ch Bainbridge Frank Sinatra X Ch Taryn All That Jazz
Thor's Pedigree       Thor's Show Record

Thor is one of 9 puppies from our 2nd Home Bred Litter of 2015.  We decided to keep one of the 4 males Jazz presented us from this litter.  All the puppies
were above average in size at birth.   Our decision to keep Thor was decided at just before 8 weeks of age when his movement put him at the top of our
list.  Thor is a little bit above average in bone with balanced conformation.  Very very dark brindle at birth Thor and several of his litter-mates looked to
be black at birth.  At about 5 weeks of age you could see the second color of red.  He is registered as a red brindle but should have been a black brindle.
Standing at almost 37" at the shoulder Thor is a good size and typie male.  More houndie for the breed which we like and suits Thor well.  Thor also
did exceedingly well in the show ring.  Taking Best of Breed over specials and older entries from the Bred-By class.  Completing his championship
at 16 months of age.  As well as being the first from the Knock on Wood litter to achieve this.
Thor also exhibits a very sound temperament, little disturbs his desire to get a good scratch behind the ear.  Only a couple times has he backed off from
strangers usually a judge in the ring.  These times corresponded with his growth spurts and level of maturity.  Today completely confident with any stranger
we do hope to have him back out as a special in the future.  Right now we feel he needs to mature to really compete with the tuff competition he will have.
Thor is another easy keeper, unlike his sire at this age Thor eats well.  Very fit and well muscled male he has his half sister's Bear and Sandy to play with.  
Often in the mix of play he loves to pounce on them or chase them down.  Thor was also a stubborn and destructive puppy like Bear and now
completely trust worthy.  We are also making plans to see if he will like Lure Coursing.  Thor will also have all his health checks started after he is
two years in age.  No plans have been made for breeding this lovely male yet.  Allowing him to mature a bit more so we know for sure that
he will benefit our breeding program.  Thor is being successfully shown in 2018 and needs only 4 points to finish his Grand Championship. Current
health screenings cleared Eyes and Echo Cardiogram with Doppler of heart.  Next will be Hips, Elbows and Knees cleared through OFA.
Thor at 7 weeks old
Thor at 6 Months old
Thor 8 Months old
Thor 15 Months old
Thor New CH - 16 months
Thor 23 Months old
Mt Carmel's Tall Drink of Sassafrass
Call Name: Sassy  Theme Litter "Knock on Wood"
DOB: June 23, 2015
Breeders: Teresa Kuntz, Lisa Osborne, Gary and Brenda Fairbanks
GCH Ch Bainbridge Frank Sinatra X Ch Taryn All That Jazz
Sassy's Pedigree    Sassy's Show Record

Sassy is one of 9 puppies from our 2nd Home Bred Litter of 2015.  Initially we did not have plans to keep one of the 5 females Jazz presented us
from this litter.  All the puppies were above average in size at birth.  Sassy started showing a lot of promise early along with others from her litter she
was a standout.  We really felt that Sassy needed to be placed in a show home.  When attempts to do this failed Co-Breeder Lisa Osborne was secretly
thrilled and excited to be the home we desperately needed for this lovely puppy.  We have never looked back on this decision literally our "diamond in
the ruff".    Sassy like her brother Thor was very destructive as a puppy.  Sassy joined PI as Lisa's second wolfhound and when she had reached the age safe
enough to have more supervised play with PI these two had Lisa close to having a heart attack.  At 8 months Sassy was bigger overall in size to PI at
11 months. Sassy is a red brindle with beautiful and very balanced conformation.  Movement is reflective of her conformation.  Reach and drive are effortless.
Sassy has above average bone, 35" at the shoulder, and an easy keeper.  Well conditioned she is a beauty to behold.  Very, Very typie for the breed
the only thing she currently lacks is the appearance of a rough coat.  She has an extremely course coat which lays very tight to her body.  Sassy has no
furnishings and no brow trademark look of the breed, this does and will make it difficult to earn her Championship from All Breed Shows.  Until and if she ever
achieves the trademark look of a wolfhound it will be difficult finding judges that will look past this.   At home she is sweet loving and a little pushy
at getting attention at first.  Loves sleeping on soft bedding and couches.  Outgoing personality never met a stranger.  Also a tail banger and will occasionally
get a wound on the tip of her tail.  So many of the wonderful and not so wonderful traits she shares with her sire Franky.
At her first Irish Wolfhound Specialty the National Specialty of 2016, held at Grey Summit, MO. Sassy nearly took 1st place in her sweepstakes class
under well known and respected Breeder/Judge Anne Spalding of Kellcastle Irish Wolfhounds.  At 16 months of age Sassy earned her 1st point towards
her AKC Charmpionship under Judge: Dr Robert D. Smith at Saline County Kennel Club, show 10-29-2016.  As of December 2017 Sassy now has 10 points
and one major towards her AKC Championship title.  Sassy is taking a short break from showing after lots of shows this past fall.  Sassy cleared her
Eye and Echo Heart exams in October 2017, next will be her Hips, Elbows and Knees through OFA.
Random pictures taken of Sassy, by Professional
photographers Dearil and Donna-Yeldell Jackson.
Images By Dearil  Sassy is difficult when it
comes to nice photos.  So grateful that our
friends Dearil and Donna captured these
lovely pictures of Sassy.  Springfield MO,
Nov 13, 2016 at 17 months old.
Sassy with ears
Lisa with Sassy
Sassy on the move
Sassy 7 Weeks old
Sassy 10 weeks old
Sassy 9 Months @ Nationals
Sassy 13.5 Months old
Sassy 16 Months old
Sassy 17 Months old
Sandy with Judge: Mr Del Richards
Owner Handler Group1 placement
Saline County Kennel Club