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Page 9 August 2014 -  October 2015
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Arkansas Kennel Club, Little Rock, AR
August 9, 2014 and August 10,2014

Lisa and Franky win back to back group placements from the
Hound Group.  

Thank you Judge: Mr. Timothy Robbins
for 2nd place from the Hound Group

Thank you Judge: Mrs Helen Winski Stein
for 3rd place from the Hound Group

What a weekend and our first back to back
wins from the hound group.  
Congratulations to Lisa Osborne
and GCH CH Bainbridge Frank Sinatra.
Franky -     Saturday   (Best of Breed Class) (BOB) 1 points (GP2) 48 Points
Sunday    (Best of Breed Class)  (BOB) 1 points (GP3) 48 points

Video of Irish Wolfhound Breed Ring

Arkansas Kennel Club, Little Rock, AR

Saturday (8-09) and Sunday (08-10) Breed Ring Competition Video

08-09-2014 Saturday  Hound Group Competition Video
Judge: Mr Timothy Robbins

08-10-2014 Sunday Hound Group Competition Video
Judge: Mrs. Helen Winski Stein
Franky -     Saturday   (Best of Breed Class) (BOB) 3 points (GP4)  38 Points
Sunday    (Best of Breed Class)  (BOS) 1 points

Video of Irish Wolfhound Breed Ring
Memphis Kennel Club, Southaven, MS

08-16-2014 Saturday  Breed Ring Competition Video

08-17-2014 Sunday Breed Ring Competition Video

08-16-2014 Saturday  Hound Group Competition Video
Judge: Mrs. Keke Kahan  Shown by: Tracey Mirgon
Sunday    (Best of Breed Class)   Select 3 Points

Lucy -     Saturday (Open Class)  WB/BOW/BOS 2 Points
Sunday   (Open Class) W/BOW/BOH & BOB 5 point Major
With Lucy's Best of Breed win on Sunday she is now a Champion.  Zion Mitchell our AKC
Junior Handler will now show Lucy in the breed ring for her Grand Champion title.

Video of Irish Wolfhound Breed Ring

Clermont County Kennel Club, Owensville, OH

09-06-2014 Saturday  Breed Ring Competition Video

09-07-2014 Sunday Breed Ring Competition Video
Franky -     Saturday   (Best of Breed Class) Select 1 Points
Sunday    (Best of Breed Class)   Nothing

Lucy -     Saturday (Best of Breed Class)  BOS Select 0 Points
Sunday   (Best of Breed Class) BOS Select 0 Points

Video of Irish Wolfhound Breed Ring

Hot Springs National Park Kennel Club, Arkansas

09-27-2014 Saturday  Breed Ring Competition Video

09-28-2014 Sunday Breed Ring Competition Video
Franky -     Saturday   (Best of Breed Class) BOB 7BP Select 5 Points
Sunday    (Best of Breed Class)   BOB 7BP Select 5 Points

Lucy -     Saturday (Best of Breed Class)  BOS Select 3 Points (1st Major of 3)
Sunday   (Best of Breed Class) BOS Select 3 Points (2nd Major of 3)

Video of Irish Wolfhound Breed Ring

Northwest Arkansas Kennel Club, AR

10-04-2014 Saturday  Breed Ring Competition Video

10-05-2014 Sunday Breed Ring Competition Video

8 months ago Charm at 10 years in age had a confirm diagnosis of
Osteosarcoma (Bone Cancer) after 3 weeks of noticeable limping.  
Charm may not be fast of limb at 10 years old, she has noticeable
cataracts and noticeable breathing problems.  Ignoring all of this and
the bone cancer she is not letting this keep her from enjoying her
twilight years.  Today she had a check up at the vet as a requirement
for all the medication she is on.  She has gained weight and was in great
spirits getting out to visit with everyone.  She had a glowing exam.   
8 months ago we were preparing to say good bye.  Now we dare to
think Charm will be here to celebrate her 11th Birthday this December.  
Her favorite things in life are:  Food and lots of it, chasing the chickens,
playing with our new kitten Gracie.  
CH. Okira vom Luchemer Bruckchen (Lucy)

Lucy skillfully exhibited by her co-owner Nadine Kerr pulled off what seemed to be
an impossible win.   We were missing the shows that had majors or the majors
would break.  Finally we had Lucy entered for a show in Ohio with a 3 point
major in females.  One week before the show we received word that the major
was broke.  Nadine convinced us to come anyway.  Knowing Lucy
would have to go Best of Breed over 4 male specials and over all the class
entries it was not impossible to do, but more like a pipe dream.  Anyway
Lucy won the first day 2 points under judge Judy Webb and went Best of
Opposite Sex.  2nd day all of the other female entries were absent except
for Lucy.  Lucy was the only female with 6 males showing to Judge Mr.
Filiberto Arniella.  The Odds were not in favor of Lucy making that big win.  
Our only red head named after Lucille Ball found her Ricky Ricardo.  Lucy won
the judge over and took Best of Breed earning a 5 point major over 4 male
specials 2 of which are ranked #1  &  8 All Breed.  8th ranked being our Franky.  
Thank you Judge Arniella and to our lovely red head
Black-eyed Susans anyone?

End of September through mid October we get
these beautiful wild flowers before the cold of
winter sets in.  Determined to round up some of
our pack to get new photos and get the right time
of  day was a challenge but we did it.  Big Thank
you to my sister Lisa.

Pictures taken 10-09-2014
Click on photo to view album.

GCH CH Bainbridge Frank Sinatra (Franky)
of Taryn Irish Wolfhounds, Collinsville, TX

Jazz is pictured here with her breeder Brenda finishing her championship from
the Bred-by Exhibitor class.  Going Best of Breed at 22 months of age under judge:
Ms. Marjorie Martorella for a 3 point major in Joplin Missouri November 1st 2014.

We picked up Jazz Sunday November 16, 2014 and haven't looked back.  She
has a very sound temperament, always happy, eats well.  Fits right in with everyone
here.  Franky is especially delighted to have his harem increased by one.
Jazz has already cleared her first ECHO heart exam.  Soon after Jazz turns
2 years old we will get her Hips and Elbows OFA cleared, along with all the other
exams needed for our breeding program.  For now Jazz is playing a lot with our
two cats and wolfhounds. We hope to have her back out as a special later for now
she is enjoying the life of being a couch potato.
GCH Bainbridge Frank Sinatra  (Franky)
Eukanuba National Championship - 2014

Both Franky and Lucy awarded
Select Tuesday 12-09-2014
Judge: Mrs. Keke Kahn

Franky awarded Award of Merit
Saturday 12-13-2014
Judge: Mrs Patricia Cruz

See videos of the three days  prior
to Eukanuba National show and Eukanuba Irish
Wolfhound breed ring.  Visit our Youtube channel
CH Okira vom Luchemer Bruckchen (Lucy)
CH. Steppin'Wolf's Unbreakable Charm JC
Dec. 9, 2003 - Jan. 31, 2015

It's been a wonderful year caring for Charm since being diagnosed with bone cancer
and DM.(Degenerative Myelopathy) Many endless moments of sheer bliss. Her
unadulterated love for life her way of being a charming, stubborn and bull headed
Diva. She absolutely knew how to work all the angles. Trying endless times to catch
and dispatch a chicken with hopes of being victorious at every attempt. Being the
undisputed referee when it came to horse play in the house. No arguing.... Even in
the last moments she went at her own pace and in the most peaceful and dignified
way. Making us all for the last time wait and cater to her needs. I am happy to see her
off to be reunited with so many and especially Jonette. I can hear Jonette Jones
(Charm's Breeder and my Good Friend/Mentor) laughing with joy and see her with
her way.  Until we are reunited again I will miss you terribly, In the meantime I know
you are being well cared for in Heaven.  


Franky and Lucy will soon be parents!
Pregnancy Test and Palitation confirms that
Lucy is pregnant.

If all goes as planed we will be rolling out
the red carpet to welcome our long awaited
"Charmed Litter"
Middle of March 2015

Currently all the puppies are spoken for
thanks to all the families that have waited
with us patiently

Pictures of Franky and Lucy by
Garden Studios
With Zion who shows both for
Junior Showmanship Competition
Theme of litter name was inspired by and is our loving and living tribute to Charm.  Charm's favorite holiday was St Patrick's Day and she was a regular entry in the St
Patrick's Day Parade since she was a wee lass of 4 months riding on a float and later years walking in the parade until 8 years in age.  She adored all the fans who came to
the paraded just to see her and other wolfhounds.  So with great humility and gratification her name is the inspiration of our greatly anticipated litter.   We already have a
Welcome Our first litter in over 11 years

The CHARMED Litter
Whelped on March 18th one day after St Patrick's Day.

Lucy succesfully whelped 18 puppies
(14 live 4 sadly were gone before birth)

Picture to the left at one day old. 6 males and 8 females.  
All puppies were spoken for before they were a twinkle in
mother's eyes.

Out of this litter we kept three females:

Mt Carmel's Beauty Grace and Charm (Sandy)
Mt Carmel's Slice of Charm PI (PI)
Mt Carmel's Magical Charm (Bear)
Congratulations Franky and Jazz
Yes unplanned timing of a litter scheduled for fall of 2015!
Please welcome our Second Litter

Whelped on June 23, 2015

Jazz successfully whelped 9 puppies
(9 live 0 dead)

Picture to the left at one week old.  4 males and 5 females
Again all puppies were spoken for.

From this litter we kept two males:

Mt Carmel's Knock on Wood - Hawthorn (Thor)
Mt Carmel's Goodfellow Roo of the Silk Tree (Roo)
Northwest Arkansas Kennel Club, Fayetville, AR  October 2015
Champaionship titile.

We took Sandy, Bear and PI.  PI and Bear were reserve winners.  Sandy was 1st on Sat in Bred-by and Bear was 1st on Sun in Bred-by  While PI was the
only entry in her puppy 6-9 month class

Franky the puppy's sire earned 1 point with select win on Saturday and  earned 5 points on Sunday with his Best of Breed win and also a 3rd place win from
the hound group.

No video to share, however you can view the results posted by AKC for each show from the following links

Saturday 10-03-2015  Judge Gloria Geringer        Sunday 10-04-2015  Judge Mrs Karen Arends
Congratulations again to Franky and Lucy.
Untimely and not at all planned for. Please welcome
Whelped October 12, 2015

13 puppies whelped 10 live 3 dead
6 males and 3 females

It is extremely dangerous for both mother and puppies to do a breeding so soon.  Especially
with Lucy's first litter of 18 puppies The Charmed Litter.  Thank goodness Lucy is extremely
healthy and was phenomenal at not only carrying this litter to term but also whelping another
large litter.   This also causes financial burdens that we barely managed through.  All puppies
were placed again in exceptional homes, We are very proud of these puppies and look forward
to seeing how they grow-up.  We did not keep a puppy from this litter since we already had
three puppies from the first.  We have placed two very close to us in show homes.  We will be
sharing their progress as well as all of the other puppies we have placed.  

There are no plans for another litter for a couple years.  

Picture to the left of litter at 8 days old
Bear 8-15-2015
PI 8-15-2015
Sandy 8-15-2015
Aingeal  8-16-2015
Aspen 8-16-2015
Some of the
golden girls from
the Charmed
Litter.  Now 5
months old.
Franky is a Star

Our first attempt at placing  a
full page color BRAG in a

August issue of Sight and
Scent of 2015

the layout and design.  Looking
forward to someday doing
some more bragging