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Page 8 August 2013 -  July 2014
Images By Dearil
Images By Dearil
GCH, Ch. Bainbridge Frank Sinatra
87 All Breed Points
Breed both days for a total of 10 points, and with these wins Franky is now a Grand Champion.  Franky and George
finished Sunday with a spectacular win from Hound Group going 3rd under Judge: Professor Douglas C Taylor  .  Special
thank you to George for showing Franky and to Scott and Nadine Kerr for this very special boy.
Hot Springs National Park Kennel Club, Hot
Springs, AR.

Zion and Lucy with
Judge: Mr. Sidney L Marx
for Best Junior Handler

Zion also showed Lucy for breed ring
earning: Best of Opposite Sex and
Best of Winners
Saline County Kennel Club of Arkansas  Benton, AR.

Zion and Franky with
Judge: Col. Joe B Purkhiser

Zion's 2nd (1st place win from Junior Novice) -
showing GCH CH. Bainbridge Frank Sinatra

Zion also in her Dorothy (Wizard of OZ) Costume,
Franky is Toto (on steroids)
Monday December 16, 2013
We just found out we are expecting puppies!   We have been waiting a long time for this to happen.  We also have many families that have been
waiting along with us.  All the puppies will have loving homes and they are not even born yet!  Litter due to be whelped around the 11th of January.
We hope to get a rough idea of how many puppies around the 4th of January.  This will be a theme litter called the "Guardian Litter"  Many thanks to our
friends Bonnie and Bill, Lisa (my sister), Franky and Wendy's breeders.   
Three Guardian Angels make their way to Rainbow Bridge
January 6th & 7th, Wendy delivered her litter of 3 puppies 1 male 2 female (male was red brindle, both females were black).  Sadly all three
puppies were still born.  Very tragic loss..  All three puppies were taken to our state lab for necropsy to hopefully determine cause of death.   
Tentatively we are planing to do a repeat breeding of Franky to Wendy with puppies due in January of 2015.  We hope to  know more once
we have the results back from the state lab..  For now we are sadly dealing with this loss and caring for a very emotional mother.  We hope
and pray that our Three Guardian Angels never suffered and know how much we loved them.  
UPDATE Three Guardian Angels

Necropsy of all 3 puppies found them to be completely normal size and of normal physically.  No versus, no bacteria, no parasites.  It was
determined that they were dead long before Wendy started to whelp (labor)  Wendy has since then checked out to be also in excellent
condition.  Leaving us completely mystified and unbelievably sadden by this loss.  They were beautiful puppies and we do plan to try again
for a litter from Wendy.
Claremore Kennel Club of Oklahoma
Claremore, OK

Lisa and Lucy with
Judge: Mrs Jacqueline L Stacy

Lucy's 1st Major win of 3 pts from Open Class
Okira vom Luchemer Bruckchen

These two also went on to earn Best Owner Handler
and a Group 3 win from Best Owner Handler Hound
Group competition
Northeast Oklahoma Kennel Club, Grove, OK

Lisa with Franky
Judge: Mr David Bolus

Franky's first Best of Breed win for 2014
GCH CH Bainbridge Frank Sinatra

First time we have shown in Grove, OK.  Very nice
sight.  Parking can get a little harry.  Might be back
next year.
April 12, 2014

Lisa with Franky
Judge: Mrs Anne Savory Bolus

Franky's first Group win for 2014  GP3 (79 pts)
GCH CH Bainbridge Frank Sinatra

Franky is amazing.  After breed competition he was in
Junior competition with Zion.  Then with little time to
rest... off he goes to show in the Hound Group.   Thank
you Mrs Bolus for recognizing and awarding Franky a
well deserved Group 3 placement.
April 12, 2014

Northeast Oklahoma Kennel Club, Grove OK

Zion and Franky with
Judge: Mrs. Anne Savory Bolus

Zion's 3rd (1st place win from Junior Novice with competition)
handling  GCH CH. Bainbridge Frank Sinatra

Picture of Zion and Franky's win with
Judge: Mrs Anne Savory Bolus
Zion has her own page.  
Learn more about our Great Niece and her accomplishments  
Click on the following hyperlink.

Zion Mitchell
June 29, 2014

Lisa with Franky
Hound Group Judge: Ms Sharol Candice Way

Franky's second Group win for 2014  GP4 (141 pts)
GCH CH Bainbridge Frank Sinatra

After a long hot day in Oklahoma
with Franky shown in Breed ring and Juniors
competition it was now time for Hound Group.  
Franky skillfully shown by Lisa earned a fabulous
Group 4 win under Judge: Ms Sharol Candice Way
Ms Way said of Franky " He is an honest Irish Wolfhound"