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Page 4  August 2009 - July 2010
This page will be updated with the most recent events at the top.  Information will include show results, awards and birthdays and other events that we wish
to share with our visitors.
More Puppy News!

Before Shay's illness we had been talking to another breeder Nadine Vogt of
Bainbridge Kennels about the planed breeding of their girl Keara to Rafferty who is
owned by our good friends and breeders Deb and John Frank.  The breeding was
done with frozen sperm June 5th and July 3rd we found out that Keara is pregnant.  
We feel so blessed and excited about getting a girl from the Steppin'wolf litter and
now doubly blessed with the possiblity of getting a second male puppy from the
Bainbridge breeding.  We are just thrilled to no end with the prospects of two puppys
joining our small pack and the joy two puppys will bring to our humble home.  

Steppin'Wolf Pedigree                                      Bainbridge Pedigree
March 24, 2010
Ch. Mt Carmel's Shay O'Brien
June 10,2004 - July 12, 2010

Recently diagnosed with Lymphoma we tried to give Shay a chance to fight for remission through
Chemo.  Shay did very well in the first days after his first treatment.  It looked as if Shay was
going to do well.  3 days later Shay suddenly started having small and quick fevers by the 4th
day fevers were now reaching 104 plus and never getting any lower than 102.3.  Perry and I
worked around the clock helping Shay to fight the fever with no relief.  After an entire weekend of
watching Shay's suffer with pain and now refusing to eat.  We decided he was only going to get
worse.  We could not bear to watch him suffer another day. The lymphoma won the battle of his
body but not his beautiful spirit which we set free to find his mother and play-mate Lacy over the
bridge.  We were so very blessed to have had Shay in our lives.  It will never be the same
around here with out him.  Overwhelmed with sorrow and heart break we know Shay is now in a
happier place and free of his pain.  Now running and playing like he use to with Jazz and Lacy.  
Thank you God for blessing our lives with such a beautiful boy.  

We are getting another female Irish Wolfhound puppy from the recently
Steppin'Wolf litter born 6-12-10.  We don't know yet which of
the 5 females in this litter will be joining our current pack.  We are so
excited to finally have a puppy running around and under foot. We'll be
posting pictures soon.  
Click here to see pictures that the breeder has
posted of Brogan X Rosie's litter.
Dog Days of Summer 06-13-10

After a day of yard work in the hot sun
Sunday.  We decided to have some fun.
Video to the left is of Charm
(Ch. Steppin'wolf's Unbreakable Charm JC)
We discovered at a very young age
Charm loved to chase anything including a
stream of water from the garden hose.  At
6.5 years of age she still enjoys chasing
the water as you will see in the video.
Ch. Steppin'wolf's Quantum Leap
Ch. Steppin'wolf's Rosaleen DHU RN
Congratulations to Jonette Jones, Donna
Yeldell and Ashley Emery of Steppin'wolf Kennel
in Hope, AR on the successful whelping of the
next generation of beautiful Steppin'wolf Irish
Wolfhounds.  Pictured to the left the father
Brogan and mother Rosie new parents to a litter
of 9 health puppies.  4 males and 5 females  
Born 6/12/2010
Steppin'wolf Irish Wolfhounds for more
Shay 10-04-2008
Happy 6th Birthday to Shay and his littermates.
June 10, 2004 we were blessed with the birth of 6 healthy puppies
from our first breeding of Ch. Mt Carmel's Jasmine to Ch Stoneybrook
Kodiak.   First one born was Butler (cream male) Second was Mystic
(wheaten male) Third was Patience (Wheaten female) Fourth was
Shay (Red brindle male)  Last two had to be delivered by emergency
c-section as a result of a con stricture at the top of the uterine horn.  
Next one born Caesar (Grey brindle male) and Boo or Booger (Cream
female)  Sadly Booger torsioned at 2 years in age but we still think of
her and miss her terribly especially on her birthday.
Ch. Mt Carmel's Shay O'Brien
Picture taken July 2008
on our way home from a
show in Missouri.  4 years old
More terrible news.  
In May after several tests to eliminate what Shay was ill from.  Shay's
last test was a procedure to extract bone marrow from his shoulder
along with a sample of fluids from his spleen.  Result confirmed our
fears...Shay has Lymphoma.  Dr Dew (Specialist) in Russelville, AR.  
Suspects his lymphoma is in the nervous system.  Shay lost close to
40 pounds and for him that is a great deal of weight since he is not  
heavy to begin with.  Shay is comfortable right now and has some
improvement in his blood especially in the platelets and white blood.  
We hope to start him on Chemotherapy by the end of this week June
18, 2010.  The protocol is the Madison Wisconsin treatment a series
of pills, shots and IV applications over a 6 month period.  Our hope is
to get his lymphoma in remission.  We feel that we need to give Shay
a chance for a longer life with us.
April 10, 2010  NEW DECK!
Shay enjoying his first treat on
newly constructed deck.  After 22
years we had a bigger and better
deck built that will allow us to enjoy
time spent outside watching our
dogs play and the resident
livestock behind us more enjoyable.
Hold mouse over picture of Shay
and you will see a picture of our
new deck..

After some 22 years plus we expanded
our fenced in backyard and went
taller.  Now nearly one acre is fenced
and we will be busy for several weeks
taking down the old fence that has kept
our wolfhounds safe for so many
years.  Next will come a new and larger
deck.  See video of Charm, Shay and
Sonoma running and playing in their
newly expanded yard.
Sonoma's Health screenings

April 19th 2009 - Eyes
Feb 1st  2010- Hips, Elbows and Knees
Feb 16th 2010 - Echo Cardiogram with Doppler

Eyes: Normal
Echo - Normal
Hips- Good
Knees - Good
Elbows - Degenerative Joint Disease Grade III
(a form of Elbow Dysplasia)  

Sadly Sonoma is not going to be bred since Dysplasia is
hereditary.  Now Sonoma will be seeing an orthopedic specialist to
get a better idea of what options medically are still available.
Southeast Arkansas Kennel Club, Pine Bluff, AR
Feb. 6 & 7, 2010

Saturday 02-06-10  Judge: Mr Eugene Blake Open Class - 3rd no other
placements - no points
Sunday 02-07-10  Judge: Mr James R White Open Class - 3rd no other
placements - no points
Breed Ring Results
 02-06-10 & 02-07-10
Jan 9 & 10, 2010
Saturday 01-09-10  Breeder/Judge: Dr Donna S Brown Open Class - 2nd
no other placements - no points
Sunday 01-10-10  Judge: Mrs Karen Arends Open Class - no placement at
all - noticed that Sonoma had a slight limp on  her rear left leg.
Breed Ring Results
 01-09-10 & 01-10-10
Sue Cassel Showing Sonoma
Mississippi State Kennel Club
Jackson, MS.  12-13-09
Mississippi State Kennel Club, Jackson MS.
December 12 & 13, 2009

Breed Ring Results  12-10-09  12-11-09  12-12-09  12-13-09

Saturday - 12-12-09, Breeder/Judge: Ms. Kelly S. Cromer  Open Class - 2nd/Reserve
Very special thanks to Ms. Cromer for giving Sonoma reserve to a 4 point major.  From an Irish Wolfhound
breeder and judge this is a wonderful compliment.
Sunday - 12-13-09, Judge: Col Joe B. Purkhiser  Open Class 1st/ Winners/ Best of Opposite Sex  = 2 points
(Last minute Judges change) Our major for this day did not hold. Sonoma did win Best of
Opposite over a special.  Was a great win for Sonoma.  Sonoma now has 9 points.

To see videos of Sue Cassel showing Sonoma from Open Class click on links below.
Saturday   Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3       Sunday   Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
Trinity Valley Kennel Club and Greater Collin Kennel Club
Dallas Texas  December 5th and 6th 2009
Breed Ring Results  12-04-09  12-05-09  12-06-09
Sonoma was entered for both shows but was kept out due to an injury acquired during the drive to Dallas, TX.  While passing a
Semi on I-30 there was a huge piece of Semi tire in the passing lane.  It was situated just enough to left that it could not be
passed safely by using the shoulder.  So when the van hit the tire the horrific noise rousted Sonoma up from sleeping so
violently she twisted a shoulder muscle. Since we were so close to Dallas we decided Sonoma was not going to show
Saturday and kept her available for Sunday if need be to keep the major.  Sunday Sonoma was much better but still favored her
front right shoulder.  Since the major held Sonoma again was kept out from Sunday's show.
The shows for both Sat & Sun were video taped.   Watched a beautiful young male Owned by Donna Drake named Tasser
achieve his championship at 13 months of age.    Rosie Owned by Jonette Jones and Donna Hinkley achieve her
championship on Sunday.  Very nice wolfhounds shown this weekend.    Here are the links to the videos for this show
Trinity Valley Kennel Club 12-05-09, Judge: Dana P. Cline
Greater Collin Kennel Club 12-06-09 Judge: Mr Houston Clark  Part 1    Part 2
Having a crazy fun time.  
DeeDee and Sonoma are getting along so well
we decided to give them some room to really
run and play.  Knowing this would be a good
opportunity for pictures we brought along a
video camera and digital camera for still shots.
To see more still shots and video
click here.
Saline County Kennel Club of Arkansas, Benton AR.

Saturday- October 24,2009, Judge: Ms Dorothy Mcdonald - 3rd of 4 - Breed Ring Results
Sunday - October 25, 2009, Judge: Mr. Robert J. Moore - 3rd of 3 - Breed Ring Results
Sonoma was shown in Open Class by Trudy Golden  Now 2.9 years old.
Our Major did not hold for either day 2 points on Saturday and 1 point on Sunday.  Saturday trophies were donated by our
kennel in Memory of our Sweet Jasmine who earned her championship title at this show Novermeber 22, 2003 Picture to the
left are the winners of those Trophies.  Best Of Breed Ch.Steppin'wolf's Dans Mon Coeur and  Best of Opposite and Winners
Steppin'wolf's Rosaleen DHU RN  No video was taken of Saturday.  Below are links to Sunday's competition and Hound Group
competition with DeeDee cheering on Twister for Group
To see video of Sonoma and Trudy
Sunday Click here
To see video of Hound Group Competition Sunday Click here
Hot Springs National Park, Hot Springs, AR

Saturday- September 26,2009, Judge: Mr Huston Clark - 2nd/RW - Breed Ring Results
Sunday - September 27, 2009, Judge: Mr. Charles L Olvis - 1st / no other wins - Breed Ring Results

Sonoma was shown in Open Class by Trudy Golden Saturday
and Noralee Perkins on 2.8 years old.
To see video of Sonoma and Trudy
Saturday Click here
To see video of Sonoma and Noralee Sunday Click here
Rocky Mountain Irish Wolfhound Specialty September 4, 2009
Cheyenne, WY.   Judge: Elizabeth Murphy
There was a number of entries from Arkansas at this specialty and
plenty of video that focuses on these entries.  Highlight of the day was
watching Ch Steppin'wolf's Dans Mon Coeur (Twister) win Best In
Specialty Show and Ch. David's Dream of Taryn (Dee Dee) honored
with an Award of Merit.  Both from Arkansas.  If you would like to watch
video of Twister and Dee Dee click on the picture to the left.
RV trip to Wyoming - 3 Women a Boy and 3 Irish Wolfhounds - Sept 09
It's a very very long drive to Wyoming from central Arkansas. One way is about
1,300 miles.  Thanks to Noralee Perkins we did the drive in her RV appropriately
named Rover in comfort.  On our return trip we had two vent covers blow off
from the cross winds in Colorado and stopped in Kansas to make quick repairs
as we were expecting rain on our trip back.  Other passengers and wolfhounds
on this trip was Deb Frank her grandson Ty, Sonoma, Amy and DeeDee.  To
watch this video click on the picture to the left.
August 13, 2009 Charm doing Obedience training.
Video of Charm and Teresa doing light obedience training  at home
with Shay and Sonoma helping out as a distraction. Shay is also
harassing Teresa for more treats. Then... next door neighbor lets
out their dog and all three run to the fence. Lots of confusion at
first because Sandy likes to run in big circles so she does not run
the length of the fence. As you can see it causes a 3 wolfhound pile
up at first.  Click on picture to the left to see video

Saturday- August 8, 2009, Judge Roni Kaluza - No placement - Breed Ring Results
Sunday - August 9, 2009, Judge Miss Dorothy M Macdonald  - 3rd in class - Breed Ring Results

Sonoma was shown in Open Class by Trudy 2.7 years old.
To see video of Sonoma and Trudy
Saturday Click here
To see video of Sonoma and Trudy Sunday Click here