MT Carmel
                     Est 2000
The following is a list of people we would like to give credit to for all the help and mentor ship along the way.

Patricia Falvey-Looper (Breeder, Friend and advisor - Cove Creek Irish Wolfhounds)
Kathy Graves (Animal Behaviorist and Conformation Instructor)
Jonette Jones (Steppin'wolf Irish Wolfhounds) (Friend and Mentor)
Donna Yeldell (Steppin'wolf Irish Wolfhounds) (Friend , mentor and grooming help)
Louanne Ellis (Trampas Irish Wolfhounds) (Friend and Grooming help)
Mt Carmel started with the arrival of a new and very special puppy named Jasmine.  She
was the start of a lot of new adventures.  As well as establishing herself firmly in our
hearts as our current heart hound.  
Jasmine was placed with us at the very tender and young age of 6 weeks.  Circumstance
around her placement early made it unavoidable.  Jazz was sheltered and pampered from
day one.  Only allowing her to play with our smallest dog (Kaysea) at almost 8 weeks of
age.   Then playing with our Boxer (Britney) after she was 10 weeks.  Finally with the
strictest supervision was she allowed to socialize with Clancy (then 4.5 years old) at about
3.5 months of age.  Jazz quickly found her niche in the family helping us to overcome our
recent lose of Katie.  When Jazz was 9 months of age her breeder Patricia Falvey - Looper
suggested after seeing her that we consider a showing career for Jazz, suggesting that we
also wait until Jazz was around 2 years of age.   Not knowing much about showing in
conformation we started to study everything we could find on the Internet and contacting
other people that showed.   Just as every time before Jazz excelled in training and her first
shows were the Arkansas Kennel Club, Little Rock Arkansas - March 1st and 2nd of 2003.  
Jazz quickly won favorites with most of the judges that she was shown to and in 9 quick
months at the Saline County Kennel Club, Benton AR. 22nd of November 2003 she
earned her title of Champion.   Earning 20 points of which were 4 majors!  We could not
have been as successful as we were if it weren't for the very kind and generous help that
we found in our fellow exhibitors.  Most of which were showing wolfhounds too, and
jumping in to be our mentors through the process.
Jasmine at 6 weeks of age.
Jasmine at 6.3 Years in age.
CH. Mt Carmel's Jasmine
Conformation Shows & Grooming
Considering the sport of conformation showing? Here are some suggestions:
Study and become familiar with the current Irish Wolfhound Standard of Excellence.
Irish Wolfhound Club of America
Irish Wolfhound Standard

Evaluation of your dog by his/her breeder usually done around 8-9 weeks in age but can be done
any time, preferably after 1 year in age.

Attend AKC/UKC sanctioned Conformation shows preferably with Irish Wolfhounds showing.   
Introduce yourself to the breeders and owners and ask questions. Best time is usually after
showing has finished for the Irish Wolfhounds.  Interpretation of the standard can vary from
one exhibitor to the next but not by much.   Leave your Irish Wolfhound home.

Ask if you could at another time and location have them evaluate your hound.   

Get professional training through an instructor and seek out help with
grooming.  I have found
hands on training with grooming works best.  

Learn which class to enter your hound in according to gender and age. Study and learn Point
Schedule for your region.  How points are awarded.

Start off with a small show if possible.  Some hounds will have trouble with the noise
and smells of a really large show.   If your entry is the only entry you need to go for the
experience and be better prepared for a larger show.   Go early so your hound can have time to
acclimate to these new surroundings.

The hardest thing to do and it's important is try to stay calm in the ring.  Your hound will sense
your nervousness and react to it.

Always be open to suggestions and learning something new.  Most of the people showing Irish
wolfhounds are laid back and easy going.  

Most important of all HAVE FUN!!!

Oldest and Internationally recognize American Dog Registries

AKC (American Kennel Club)   Founded in 1884, the AKC is the recognized and trusted expert
in breed, health and training information for dogs. AKC actively advocates for responsible dog
ownership and is dedicated to advancing dog sports.

UKC (United Kennel Club) Founded in 1898, UKC is an international all-breed dog registry
providing credibility for pedigrees and offering family-friendly events to celebrate dog abilities
and the human/canine bond.
GCH CH Mt Carmel's Magical Charm
CH Mt Carmel's Lightning Bug
CH Mt Carmel's Tall Drink of Sassafras
CH Okira vom Luchemer Bruckchen
GCH CH Bainbridge Frank Sinatra
GCH CH Mt Carmel's Knock on Wood-Hawthorn
CH Mt Carmel's Twisted Sequoia-Malachi
AKC/INT CH Mt Carmel's K-Zar Prince of Charm